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Is Your Leadership Training All About Power and Style?

People sometimes confuse leadership with power. Leaders are often portrayed as hard-driving, hardnosed, and headstrong. And many good leaders have those qualities, to be sure. But it takes both force and influence to lead others effectively. The two approaches complement each other and create a powerful, yet adaptable force for action. Good leadership always balances […]

Report Concludes Training Should Not Be Viewed as Onetime Event

“Learning is a way of life in organizations,” says Eduardo Salas, a psychological scientist from the University of Central Florida. “Everyone gets training. But what matters? What works? What influences learning and skill acquisition?” Salas and his coauthors of a new report published in Psychological Science in the Public Interest, a journal of the Association […]

How Can Learning Opportunities Improve Customer Service?

As Empathica, Inc. (www.empathica.com) looked for ways to make its core product more mobile, its software developers went out to talk to clients in their restaurants and retail stores. “We sent small, collaborative teams into the field to see how people wanted to use this,” says Gary Edwards, executive vice president of Client Services. ‘Walk […]

On-the-Job Training for Off-the-Job Safety

As we pointed out yesterday, fewer workers are injured or killed at work than away from work. And they do incur costs, such as finding and hiring replacement workers, production slowdowns, and morale downturns. So, it’s a good idea to emphasize off-the-job safety when providing training in activities likely to be engaged in away from […]

Engage Employees for Great Customer Service

Empathica, Inc. (www.empathica.com), a leading provider of customer experience management solutions, is committed to employee engagement—internally and externally. The company employs approximately 100 employees at its headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, and its offices in Alpharetta, Georgia, and Birmingham, England. Empathica’s PinPout (Perfect in, Perfect out) quality awards program was implemented several years ago to provide […]

Is Training for Off-the-Job Safety Worthwhile?

One study placed the off-the-job percentages at more than half as many injuries as on the job, with over two-thirds as many deaths as resulted from on-the-job accidents. Other statistics indicated more lost workdays resulting from away-from-work injuries. Why Does This Matter? True, off-the-job injuries do not affect a company’s insurance rate, or need to […]

Employees Are Not Getting Enough Training on Mobile Devices and Cloud Technologies

A new infographic from the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) shows that while more companies are using mobile devices and Cloud apps, approximately 6 million office professionals in North America alone get 10 or fewer hours of training every year provided by their employers. About half those office professionals are completely responsible for their […]

Teach Your New Supervisors How to Train Effectively

Training employees is a big part of any supervisor’s job. Whether it’s formal classroom training, safety meetings, on-the-job training, or coaching, teaching employees how to do their jobs properly is an important part of your supervisory responsibility. Training improves worker performance and productivity. Formal and informal training should build skills and competence as well as […]

How Can You Make Ethics Training Less Obvious and More Meaningful?

Mark S. Putnam, founder of Character Training International (CTI), understands the dilemma of making ethics training meaningful, since ethics can be boiled down to bad guys are bad and good guys are good. Just do the right thing and you’ll stay out of trouble. Most rational adults know this and wasting so much precious time […]

Train Your Employees to Write Right

Some of your employees may already know how to write well. Others may need more practice. Regardless of skill level, all employees can benefit from this training session. Business Writing Skills Quiz Here are the answers to yesterday’s quiz: Good business writing should be clear, concise, correct, complete, and coherent. False. Passive voice makes sentences […]