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Severance Pay Basics and Policy Considerations

Severance benefits are payments made to employees upon termination of employment caused by events that are beyond their control, such as workforce reductions, plant closings, company takeovers, and mergers. Severance benefits are sometimes offered to encourage early retirement or voluntary resignation, or to discourage terminated employees from suing an employer.

Changes to Iowa unemployment benefits coming July 1

by Tara Z. Hall Several changes related to unemployment benefits in Iowa are set to take effect July 1. The changes are seen as beneficial to employers. Unemployment and incarceration An amendment to the Iowa Employment Security Act (IESA) adds a new subsection to the Iowa Code that provides that an employee will be disqualified […]


Is Quitting to Care for Fiancée Covered Under Minnesota’s Unemployment Law?

Employees who quit their jobs to care for a member of their immediate family generally are qualified to receive unemployment benefits in Minnesota. However, the Minnesota Court of Appeals recently heard a claim in which a former employee was denied unemployment benefits due to the fact that “fiancée” doesn’t fall within the statutory definition of […]


No Unemployment Benefits for Employee Who Lied on Job Application

Recently, the Minnesota Supreme Court held that an employee’s misrepresentations on an employment application qualified as “employment misconduct” under the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Law, Minn. Stat. ch. 268. As a result, the employee was disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits.

Arizona Employer Faces Lawsuit Over Discharge of Cancer-Stricken Salesman

by Dinita L. James, Gonzalez Law, LLC It isn’t the best time for Sullivan Motor Co., a Mesa used-car dealership, to end up before the Arizona Civil Rights Division (ACRD) of the Arizona Attorney General’s (AG) Office on a charge that its treatment of a former salesman with terminal cancer violated the Arizona Civil Rights […]