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‘We Need to Hire About 100,000 New Employees’

“We need to hire 95,000 to 100,000 new employees in the next few months,” says Tammy Caldwell, United Parcel Service, Inc.’s (UPS) director of talent acquisition. Your hiring needs may not be that gargantuan, but you can learn from UPS’s strong social and mobile recruiting program. UPS, recent winner of the 2013 Workforce Optimas Gold […]

News Note: No-Solicitation Rule Can’t Be Selectively Enforced Against Union

The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that United Parcel Service illegally enforced a broad no-solicitation rule that prohibited employees from distributing literature in nonwork areas during off-hours. UPS refused to allow a Teamsters union publication to be passed out in a warehouse area before work began, but routinely permitted drivers to hand out contest […]

Bias In Promotions: Are Your Procedures Adequate? A 4-Point Checklist

You’ve probably put a lot of effort into implementing a well-defined and nondiscriminatory application process for hiring new employees. But many employers don’t always apply the same careful planning when it comes to promotion decisions-an oversight that can be costly. In one recent case, an African-American employee successfully sued her employer for damages after being […]