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Can Your Boss Do Your Job?

Think about all the aspects your role entails, and then ask yourself if your direct supervisor can perform your job. What’s the answer? If you said “no,”  chances are, you hate your job—at least that’s what Harvard Business Review (HBR) is implying with newly released research.

Global Talent Shortage: ‘Upskilling’ Employees Crucial to Filling Gap, Says Survey

According to a new survey, companies across the globe are suffering from a talent shortage. Many employers are citing skilled trades as the roles that are hardest to fill, for the seventh consecutive year. As talent shortages worsen, companies are increasingly turning to training and development to fill talent gaps and upskill employees. Nearly half […]

Go Nuts for These Donuts and Give Me a Job

A few weeks ago, HRSBT reported on the various résumé blunders HR professionals encounter on a daily basis. When we are bombarded with typos, inaccuracies, and spam, it is refreshing to see a job candidate actually take the time to make sure his or her résumé stands out among the rest (and that he or […]

Cultural Considerations for Global Communications

Yesterday we addressed how to write English for a global audience. For example, using simpler sentences (no semicolons!), avoiding contractions, and writing in present tense are all good form. However, there are also cultural issues to recognize when sending communications internationally. Here are a few reminders:

Get Your Writing Global

Is your command of English good enough for readers outside the United States?  This may seem an odd question, but consider that, after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, English is the native language of a vast amount of people—many of whom are not from the United States.  Add in all nonnative English speakers and English is […]