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Mentoring Training for National Mentoring Month (video)

In this video, Dr. Susan Weinberger, an expert on internal and external business mentoring, explains to HR.BLR.com editor Kyle Emshwiller what National Mentoring Month is all about, including events and activities’ how employers can participate; and the benefits for an organization that provides employee-mentors. National Mentoring Month: How Employers Can Get Involved. Unlimited employee HR […]

What's the Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring?

The American writer, George Matthew Adams once observed that "many moments of personal success and fulfillment in an individual’s life come about through encouragement from someone else." No doubt you can remember those who impacted your life when you were young, during the school years, involvement in community activities, at your first job and perhaps, […]

You’re Going to Ban Political Discussion? (Good Luck …)

In a BusinessWeek article, Bruce Weinstein, PhD., who calls himself “The Ethics Guy,” says that most political issues are by their nature highly divisive. At stake in this year’s presidential election, he adds, are such questions as these, all guaranteed to have the potential for controversy: Should abortion continue to be legal? Should same-sex marriage […]