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Thoughts on Leadership from History

Successful supervisors and managers don’t boss their employees around—they lead them. However, not everyone has the same definition of effective leadership. In today’s Advisor, we will try to define “leadership”—with the help of some historical figures.

First of all a teacher

by Dan Oswald Vince Lombardi once said, “I think coaching is teaching, see? So I don’t think there’s any difference whether you teach on the football field or whether you teach in the classroom. They’re both exactly the same. It’s a question of . . . a good teacher puts across what he wants to […]

Lessons from Lombardi—The 8-Hour Session

(Oswald, CEO of BLR®, offered his thoughts on Lombardi and leadership in a recent edition of The Oswald Letter.) As a young assistant coach, Madden attended a coaching clinic where Lombardi was the speaker. As Madden tells it, he was quite confident in his football knowledge. Showing up at the clinic, he sat in the […]

Learn important lessons from Lombardi’s eight-hour session

by Dan Oswald Over the weekend, I was watching a piece on legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi. The documentary chronicled Lombardi’s life growing up in Brooklyn through his storied years as a championship coach with the Packers. As a Packers fan, I’ve read biographies on Lombardi and other books that have discussed the […]

What Makes an Effective Leader?

In today’s Advisor, we’re going to look at what it means to be an effective leader. First, let’s define leadership—with the help of some historical figures. Leadership is: Guiding people to take appropriate initiative, General George Patton said, “Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you […]

Collaboration vs. Control: A Classic Workplace Power Struggle

“I think it’s a natural tendency for people to want to be in control,” says business and leadership blogger Dan Oswald. “In fact, I read the other day that the feeling of a lack of control contributes significantly to a person’s stress level. So, it makes sense that all of us would prefer to be […]

The Constant Battle of Collaboration vs. Control

Oswald, who is CEO of BLR, offered his thoughts on collaboration and control in a recent edition of The Oswald Letter. The definition of control is, “the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events.” Think about those words for a minute. Let’s start with the first four words of the […]

Whom Would You Choose as Your Career Coach?

The other day, a colleague sent me the results of a survey that says Americans would like to have Vince Lombardi or Oprah Winfrey as their coach. That got me thinking. It got me thinking about whom I would choose as my coach. Who should be in the running? What makes each an appealing choice? […]

Words of Wisdom

Each week, I sit down at my computer to write. Sometimes I’ve been tossing an idea around in my head for the better part of the week and the words just flow. Other times, I’m racking my brain for something I feel is worthy of writing about. In one of those moments when the latter […]

3 Questions About Your Attitude Toward Your Job

Do you have a passion for your work? I mean, do you really love what you do? I was at a conference recently and one of the speakers really grabbed my attention. What he had to say was interesting but not earth-shattering. His presentation and speaking style were strong, but that’s still not what caught my […]