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Implementing Pay Grades and Ranges: Common Pay Structure Issues

You also may find yourself facing employees who don’t fit into the standard pay grades for one reason or another or who have maxed out at their existing pay grade. You may even have an employee who is pointing to online salary information and claiming she’s not getting paid enough, which is a position HR […]

How to Prevent or Fix Demoralizing Pay Compression Inequities

Inevitably, Wudyka says, when I evaluate organizations’ compensation, there is pay compression somewhere in some range or grade. Wudyka is managing principal of Westminster Associates in Wrentham, Massachusetts. His tips came during a recent webinar sponsored by BLR. Defining Pay Compression Pay compression occurs when the pay rate of an individual is “uncomfortably close” to […]

Where’s My Raise?—How to Handle Tough Pay Conversations

Teresa Murphy and David Wudyka have some ideas about how to make those conversations go a little better. Murphy is the principal consultant for HR Partner Advantage, an HR advisory firm based in Raleigh, N.C. Wudyka, SPHR, MBA, BSIE, is the founder and managing principal of Westminster Associates, a Massachusetts-based human resource and compensation firm. […]

The 5 Key Comp Trends for 2011

Wudyka, who is founder and managing principal of Westminster Associates, a Wrentham, MA based, full-service HR and compensation consultancy, forecast the following trends at a recent webinar sponsored by BLR. 1. Fewer Salary Freezes The number of employers freezing salaries continues to decline: 32 percent froze salaries in 2009. 12 percent did so in 2010. […]