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The Current State of Professional Mentor Relationships

When it comes to training and development, few tools are more effective than a strong mentorship program. Mentors allow senior and experienced employees to share their insights, skills, and industry- and company-specific knowledge with newer or more junior staff members.


How HR Can Help Reduce Workplace Conflict

Work can be stressful, particularly when the stakes are high. While conflict is uncomfortable, it can also be productive and, at times, even necessary to help drive progress and break through impasses. But not all conflicts are created equal.


4 Creative Ways to Make Your Training Relatable

Employee training can mean the difference between mediocre staff and top-notch performers. It can also help employees develop their applicable professional skills (time management, effective communication, etc.), as well as provide industry-specific knowledge and expertise.


‘Just a Job’ Is Bad for Business: Focus on Employee Experience

How engaged is your workforce? If you answered, “not very engaged” then we’ve got bad news: these disengaged workers will be leaving your company as soon as they receive an offer from someone else. And that someone else may very well be your competition!