Tag: Workforce Planning

Kill the Company, End the Status Quo

Sometimes you have to kill the company to make space for change and innovation, says Lisa Bodell, CEO of futurethink. Bodell keynoted the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Talent Management Conference and Exhibition, held recently in San Diego.

Employee Handbooks: The Importance of Signed Acknowledgements

By Guest Columnist: Bridget Miller Requiring employees to sign an acknowledgement stating that they’ve received, read, and understood the employee handbook may seem arduous, especially if it’s done every time there is an update to the handbook. But this task is more than a mere formality—it serves an important purpose for employers: it is documentation […]

Recruiting and Planning for High Potential (HIPO) Employees

Having a succession plan with a pipeline full of capable, talented employees is critical for the long-term success of most organizations. One way many organizations opt to achieve this goal is through recruiting and grooming high potential (HIPO) employees. These employees are generally deemed to have the necessary skills not only to do the job […]

‘Hey, Boomers, We Want Your Jobs!’ (But Not Your Stress)

The problem is compounded, Harrington says, because although Gen Xers do want to move up to the Boomers’ jobs, they don’t want the stress that goes with the jobs. They also want work/life balance, and that creates a conflict. Harrington, founder and president of Purposeful Hire Inc., offered her tips at BLR’s Strategic HR Summit, […]