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When working notice just doesn’t work

by Jacqueline Gant For employers shutting down operations, providing working notice is often the best way to reduce severance amounts owed. Except when it’s not. In McLeod v. 1274458 Ontario Inc., an Ontario court confirmed that working notice is appropriate only for employees capable of working during the notice period. Facts The employer sold furniture […]

Quitting Before End of Notice Period: Lessons from B.C. Court of Appeal

By Hadiya Roderique Working notice — the default under many pieces of employment standards in Canada — can be a way to reduce an organization’s cost of termination of employment. But what happens when an employee quits in response to getting fired before the end of the notice period? And what happens when the working […]

Working Notice: Is It Right for You?

By Hadiya Roderique Despite signs of a recovering economy, Canadian employers are still looking for ways to downsize operations and minimize human resources expenses. One cost-effective manner is to give working notice when terminating an employee. What is working notice? Working notice is an alternative to paying out a lump sum upon dismissal. The employee […]

Canadian Employer Avoids Prior Severance Promises

by Karen Sargeant During these tough economic times, employers are often looking to increase flexibility. Several of our recent blog entries have discussed ways in which employers can do so – furloughs, work-sharing programs, changing employment contracts, and adjusting the size of the workforce. Recently, the British Columbia Court of Appeal granted Raytheon Canada some […]