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4 Ways to Bring Consent into the Workplace

When people hear the word “consent,” they most often think of intimate relationship dynamics. An image of a college orientation or even legal guidelines to prevent harassment may be the first thing that comes to mind. But consent is so much more than that; it’s the foundation for all equitable communication. As leaders in our […]

The New Age of Workplace Communication Could Be Instant Messaging

Before the mid-1990s, e-mail was a relative novelty in office communication. Today, of course, it’s perhaps the most prevalent medium for colleagues to communicate back and forth. Although it’s been the main method of communication for just a few decades, there are signs employees are increasingly looking to alternative forms of communication for collaborating with […]


What’s Breaking Communication in Your Workplace?

How much does poor communication cost organizations? A 2011 study that surveyed nearly 400 companies with over 100,000 employees each pegged this figure at $62.4 million per organization per year. The annual productivity losses owing to poor communication were estimated to be $26,041 for each worker in the organizations.