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Empathetic Technology: What Makes Frontline Tech Tick

An obvious but often ignored theme of workplace technology is that its business impact depends on the extent of its adoption. For those relying on technology to get their jobs done, dissatisfaction with existing solutions may impact not only performance but also attrition. In fact, “49% of US workers say they are likely to leave […]

Survey shows problems, potential of workplace policies

Employers write policies to make their workplaces run smoothly. When employees know the rules, expectations, practices, and procedures, they should be well-equipped to work productively and harmoniously.   But as important as policies are, they can be problematic too. A survey released in August from Business and Legal Resources (BLR) shows what issues employers tackle with […]

Productivity Got Run Over by a Reindeer During the Holidays

by Margaret DiBianca Hints of the holiday season are tucked away in every corner of the workplace. Cards from customers and vendors are tacked up in cubicles. Uneaten candy canes and tin canisters filled with chocolate-drizzled caramel popcorn continue to make appearances in the break room. The office-party circuit seems endless and, of course, requires […]