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Bullying and harassment in the workplace: lessons from the Miami Dolphins

By Kyla Stott-Jess The professional sports world has been buzzing with the sudden departure of offensive tackle Jonathan Martin from the Miami Dolphins. His midseason exit from the team comes amid allegations that he was the victim of harassment and bullying. The scandal has given the public a glimpse behind closed locker-room doors, into the […]

Your Workplace Violence Program—4 Essential Components

Sem, who is CPP CSC certified, is the president of Sem Security Management in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. He was joined by Di Ann Sanchez, PhD, SPHR, the founder and president of DAS HR Consulting LLC, at a recent webinar sponsored by BLR®. The Four Essential Components of a workplace violence (WPV) Program 1. Prevention—the most […]

Critical in Violence Prevention: Plain Talk, No Codes

Sem’s general observations: Badly handled or emotional discipline, refusal of service, or termination often triggers the violence. Never discipline, terminate, or refuse service with emotion. Violence is evolutionary. It tends to escalate. Most situations do show some warning signs. In many situations, people knew something was wrong and didn’t do anything. Generally, someone is aware […]

Permissible deductions from pay for exempt employees

Are deductions from pay ever allowed for exempt employees? Naturally an employer can make deductions for taxes or employee contributions to retirement or insurance premiums, but what about deductions for days of work missed? What about deductions for time an employee is out due to disciplinary action?

Expansion of workplace harassment and violence reprisal complaints?

By Rosalind H. Cooper Most occupational health and safety statutes across Canada contain provisions that prohibit employer reprisals for workplace health and safety matters. While the outcome of complaints made by workers regarding employer reprisals is always fact specific, employers had been taking comfort from several recent decisions. Those decisions suggested that complaints regarding employer […]

Slapping incident not enough to terminate employee for cause

By Karen Sargeant We all know proving cause for termination in Canada is difficult. Poor performance rarely equates to cause. And employees seem to be entitled to warnings in most cases. But surely it is cause if an employee slaps another. Not so, according to one Ontario judge in Shakur v. Mitchell Plastics.

New Oklahoma law allows ammo in locked cars parked at work

by Charlie Plumb An Oklahoma law going into effect on November 1 allows employees to store ammunition in their locked vehicles parked at work. A key aspect of Oklahoma’s Self-Defense Act allows people with valid gun licenses to carry handguns openly as well as concealed weapons in many public places. But another part of the […]

Minneapolis shooting a reminder to be on guard against workplace violence

by Tammy Binford The September 28 shootings that killed six at a Minneapolis business put employers on notice that workplace violence can occur with no warning. Other times, though, there are signs that employers should heed. The October issue of Minnesota Employment Law Letter contains an article titled “Employers look anew at preventing violence in […]

Steps to Reduce Conflict, Prevent Violence in the Workplace

Violence in the workplace is one of several concerns when you have conflict between employees. HR professionals need to take complaints and investigations seriously to ensure that situations don’t escalate, and they also need to be sure that safety and other legal obligations are being met. In a BLR webinar titled “Workplace Conflict Resolution: Peacekeeping […]