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Transferred employee’s wrongful dismissal suit lands in New York court

by Bonny Mak Waterfall and Rachel Younan When a Canadian employer transfers its employee to a non-Canadian entity, is it still on the hook for wrongful dismissal damages? Recently, an Ontario court declined to hear a civil action claiming wrongful dismissal damages from an employee who was transferred to a United States subsidiary of a […]

Human rights damages awarded by Ontario court

By Eowynne Noble In 2008, Ontario’s Human Rights Code was revised to specifically permit Ontario courts to award damages for breaches of the Code. Before this, it was only the Human Rights Tribunal that had jurisdiction to award damages for human rights violations in Ontario. Since then, Ontario plaintiffs have made many attempts to obtain […]

Silence as acceptance when company sold

By Keri Bennett Canadian employees may believe that a change in ownership of a company results in a change in the terms of employment and requirement for a new employment contract. Not so. In Whittemore v. Open Text Corporation, the Ontario Superior Court made it clear that the original terms of employment remained valid after […]

Layoff as constructive dismissal: a cautionary tale for employers

By Ralph N. Nero and Keri L. Bennett When is a layoff not a layoff? When it is a constructive dismissal, according to an Ontario judge. McLean v. The Rawyal Limited Partnership reaffirms the principle that unless incorporated as an express or implied term of the employment contract, a layoff may be treated as constructive […]

Mo’ Money! Statutory Termination Can Lead to Common Law Damages

By Marisa Victor and Sean McGurran Following a recent decision by Ontario’s highest court, employers across Canada may now be on the hook for more termination pay when nonunion employees are laid off for an extended period. In the recent decision of Elsegood v. Cambridge Spring Service (2001) Ltd. (Elsegood), the court concluded that when […]

Appeal Court Overrides Extravagant Jury Award in Wrongful Dismissal Case

By Kyla Stott-Jess Canadian employers that fear large jury awards in wrongful dismissal cases can breathe a little easier in the wake of a recent Alberta Court of Appeal decision. In Elgert v. Home Hardware Stores Ltd., the court of appeal said a $500,000 jury award for aggravated and punitive damages in a wrongful dismissal […]

Canadian Court Not Prepared to Act as Workplace Referee

By Sara Parchello Does an employer have a broad obligation to protect employees from mental distress that may be caused in the workplace? Ontario’s Court of Appeal recently answered this question in Piresferreira v. Ayotte and Bell Mobility Inc. with a resounding “no.” The decision reverses, in part, an award made back in 2008 – […]

Is wrongful dismissal litigation reform coming to Canada?

by Karen Sargeant Can fired employees afford to take their prior employers to court? Are trials too expensive? Are there better ways to secure justice for employees? These are some of the questions a group of lawyers in Ontario, Canada, have been considering. Earlier this year, the Chief Justice of Ontario expressed concerns that employees […]