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Job Postings Are Not Job Descriptions

Somewhere along the line, the terms “job description” and “job posting” became interchangeable, and the result has been confusion on the part of talent acquisition professionals, as well as ineffective recruitment advertising.

Guns in the Workplace Policies

Yesterday’s Advisor offered tips from attorney Allan H. Weitzman on cutting-edge policies candidates may inquire about—policies like tech, cell phones, and drugs. Today, Weitzman’s guidelines for gun policies and equal employment opportunity (EEO). Weitzman, a partner with Proskauer Rose LLP, offered his tips at the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Annual Conference and Exposition […]

Make Sure Your Handbook is NOT an Employment Contract

Your employee handbook can be interpreted as creating express or implied contracts, says Attorney Allan H. Weitzman; however, disclaimers and receipts can help prevent that from happening.   Employee Handbooks: Every Word Counts One important thing to remember when it comes to handbooks and whether they create contracts is that state law controls, so you […]

Exec Rewards: Use Total Comp or Miss by a Mile

To understand the importance of a total remuneration perspective, look at this table that reflects information about your CEO’s compensation, says Fichthorn, vice president in the Philadelphia office of Hay Group. CEO Compensation Comparison—Total Direct Compensation   Marketplace Median President, XYZ Corp % of Median Base Salary $642,600 $949,000 148% Total Target Cash $1,099,100 $1,328,600 […]

5 Compensation Cost-Savers

Here’s a chart that will help with evaluating compa-ratios, says Carroll, who is Director of Professional Services & Education at PayScale, Inc. Internal Compensation Review: Compa-Ratios Job Title Grade Base Min Mid Max Compa -ratio Base> max? Team Leader-Administration 7 95,000 54,136 64,579 76,109 1.471 YES Team Leader-Operations 7 91,000 54,136 64,579 76,109 1.409 YES […]

Use Simple Charts to Pinpoint Your Compensation Problems

Check compa-ratios, check external equity, see who’s over the maximum—it’s not rocket science, but it’s necessary, says Carroll, who is Director of Professional Services & Education at PayScale, Inc. Quick Review: The Numbers that Matter Analysis begins with an assessment of internal compensation rates to identify any aberrations (via the compa-ratio) and external equity (via […]