Corporate Culture Week: A Video Montage

As Corporate Culture Week comes to an end, we’re taking a look back at all the important strategies and best practices that were discussed. In this video montage, we break down the highlights from each day and some of the key takeaways we learned throughout this exciting week!

Be sure to click on the links below to learn more about this week’s content and events, related to corporate culture.


  • Faces of HR interview. A discussion about taking the reigns of corporate culture during the pandemic in a remote world with Kimberly Cassady, Chief Talent Officer at Cornerstone OnDemand.
  • Panel Webinar | The Current State of Corporate Culture. In this panel discussion, experts—Jason Treu, Chief People Officer of Unstoppable Workplaces; Jerry Seibert, MA, Executive Consultant at OrgVitality, Bill Schiemann, CEO of Metrus Group, Inc.; and Valerie M. Grubb, of Val Grub & Associates—come together to discuss the current state of corporate culture, where the future of culture is headed, how to create a remote working culture, and more. Access the on-demand version, here.


  • HR Works Podcast episode. Interview with Neil Sahota an IBM Master Inventor and United Nations Artificial Intelligence Expert about the future of workplace culture and what role AI plays in that future.


  • Research Report | Company Culture in the Wake of COVID-19 and Civil Unrest. 2020 has been a trying year for people across the globe and even more so for HR professionals in the United States. Between keeping employees safe from COVID-19, remote work challenges, and the civil unrest that’s spilling over into the workplace in the wake of the George Floyd murder and other racial injustices, HR professionals are going through an unprecedented era of change.

How HR teams and employers handle this change in the months ahead will either make or break their organizations’ culture. Download your free copy of our latest research report, to learn how your peers have adjusted to the times and how their culture has been impacted as a result.


  • Editorial Report | Putting a Face on HR: How HR Is Adapting Corporate Culture to the New Normal. Remote work may not be new for some organizations, but due to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent social distancing guidelines, many businesses and organizations had no choice but to go remote. Now we’re working in the “new normal” and because of this, we expect corporate cultures across the U.S. to adapt and change to meet the times. What’s next for corporate culture? Our latest insider report features predictions and insights from your HR peers. Download your free copy, here.
  • Fireside Chat. Jim Davis connects with Valerie Grubb, Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach at Val Grubb & Associates, to discuss how corporate culture has been impacted by COVID-19, and what HR professionals can do to improve their cultures in the “new normal.” Davis and Grubb will also predict what lies ahead for corporate culture once the pandemic has passed, in this unique fireside chat.


  • Wrap-Up | Video Montage. To end this informative week, we’ve created a video montage of our favorite highlights from this event.