Video Job Descriptions: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at RecruitCon 2018

With the unemployment rate hovering at roughly 4%, employers are having to come up with creative ways to attract top talent and stand out among the competition. What’s a better way to stand out than with a video job description?
At RecruitCon 2018—in Nashville, Tennessee, earlier this month—Elena Valentine, CEO of Skill Scout, took attendees on an exciting “field trip” around the Hilton Hotel in downtown Nashville. Attendees had the chance to learn how to create their own video job descriptions by seeing how it’s done firsthand.
Valentine was able to secure an interview with a Hilton employee, who graciously agreed to talk about his role and his day-to-day activities. After the interview was complete, attendees split into two groups.
One group followed the Hilton employee and videotaped his day-to-day activities and encounters with hotel “guests” (in this case, two RecruitCon attendees filled this role in order to respect hotel guests’ privacy). The second group was responsible for filming “B-roll footage.” B-roll is basically background imagery, and in this case, attendees shot videos of the Hilton and local hot spots in Nashville.
The video below shows a behind-the-scenes look at this very exciting RecruitCon session.