10 Strategies for Building a Talent Pool that Makes Recruiting Easy

There’s no doubt about it. Competition for top talent is fierce these days. So the question is what can you do to entice the best and brightest professionals to seek out your company? Today’s smart employers are ever vigilant (and diligent) in developing talent pools and pipelines by employing both offensive and defensive recruitment strategies.
Interested in discovering the best methods of cultivating interest from passive candidates who are not currently looking for new opportunities? Curious about how you can get industry superstars to stand in line and wait for vacancies in your company? Join us for this webcast!
Download Now for a free 60-minute webcast as our presenter, Dr. Chris Lee, will explore 10 proactive strategies that recruiters and HR managers can use to gain an advantage in the war for talent. Dr. Lee will discuss how your recruitment tactics, social media presence, employment brand, as well as training and development policies should be integrated into a larger talent management system. You’ll come away with valuable knowledge on how to develop talent pools that give you access to the best candidates before vacancies even occur.
In this webcast, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop and employ talent pools to help organizations meet their strategic workforce planning objectives
  • Refine and tailor recruiting techniques that can organically populate your talent pools
  • Develop a social media strategy that supports talent pool engagement
  • Use best practices/state-of-the-art talent pool management techniques

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