The Golden Rules of Candidate Experience

The Golden Rules of Candidate Experience

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When’s the last time you took a good look at the candidate journey you’re providing prospective jobseekers? According to an iCIMS report, “67% of employed American adults agree that the application, interview or offer process would make or break their decision on whether to take a job.” And, “[a]n overwhelming majority (95%) agree that the way a potential employer treats them as a candidate is a reflection of how they would treat them as an employee.” When you don’t take the candidate experience into consideration, you’re not only missing out on top talent but you’re also hurting your company’s reputation and bottom line.

And while there’s a ton buzz around the new technologies in AI and automation that are speeding recruiting process, these advances will never replace recruiters, and they cannot guarantee that more candidates will accept our job offers.

So, what’s the secret to retaining more applications, connecting with more qualified job seekers and overall hiring success? The answer is simple – human touch.

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