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COVID-19 – How It’s Impacted the War for Talent

Sponsored by:   In a complex labor market, bravely facing the epidemic, and keeping up with workplace strategies, legislations, and considerations, are all amongst a new HR experience.  Each of us continue to closely monitor the impact of COVID-19 around the world today — and quite honestly in our own backyards — we are all […]

Maintaining Company Culture in Times of Change

Sponsored by 2020 has brought big and unexpected changes for almost every business, whether it’s managing new remote work requirements, introducing a new management team, or facing the need to expand or downsize. But no matter what change or crisis your organization experiences, keeping company culture consistent is essential for maintaining employee engagement. To learn […]

The Future of HR: How Strategic HR Initiatives Boost Engagement and Productivity

Sponsored by:  Outlook/iCal  Google Calendar According to Gallup, only one in five employees say they’re motivated by management to do outstanding work. How does that happen? It often leads back to one thing: an absence of HR’s influence on organizational strategy. The ultimate goal of HR is to spend less time with paperwork and more time […]

How Great Businesses Embrace Innovation with Barbara Corcoran

Sponsored by:  Outlook/iCal  Google Calendar   Rapid change is a major challenge in every business, but it also presents great opportunity for innovation. Times like these can lead to the best ideas to move your business forward, if you’re smart enough to encourage and tap into your talented workforce. A competitor might be developing the […]

COVID-19 Q&A for HR and Employee Benefits: Part 2

Date: Thursday, June 11, 2020 Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time Everyone has COVID questions that need answers, and we need to act quickly. The operational and legal environment is shifting daily, and this webinar will provide live Q&A directly to the HR and benefits practitioners on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees are under […]

Cracking the Code to Effective Performance Management

 Outlook/iCal  Google Calendar Performance reviews and appraisals have historically focused on improving performance by focusing employees on the alignment of their behaviors with company and department goals. They have also been used to evaluate where employees stand relative to one another for compensation purposes, promotion, and other uses. However, this traditional approach has major downsides, […]

COVID-19: OSHA/HR Requirements & Best Practices

COVID-19: OSHA/HR Requirements & Best Practices  Outlook/iCal  Google Calendar COVID-19 management in workplace settings has become incredibly complex, whether in high-risk sectors such as healthcare or in lower-risk but essential services and critical infrastructure businesses. OSHA, the EEOC, the CDC and state/local governments have continually revised their guidance for employers and  updated enforcement practices. Now, […]

Providing Flexibility When Presence is Required

Date: Monday, May 11, 2020 Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time Sponsored by:  Outlook/iCal  Google Calendar   Not only has technology changed the way we work, but so has the recent pandemic. Flexible work arrangements are not just a nice to have anymore, they are the “new normal” for many. At the same time, essential employees are […]

Workplace Safety: Proven Strategies to Reduce Risk

Sponsored by:  Outlook/iCal  Google Calendar   The new dynamics of work have created a need for new safety strategies as employees, contractors and customers become more emotional and short-fused for a wide variety of reasons. From reputation attacks on social media to explosive people in your office building, understanding ten proven strategies that can help […]

Near Miss Reporting: 7 Visual Communication Tactics That Drive Employee Engagement

Sponsored by:  Outlook/iCal  Google Calendar No near miss reporting program can be successful without employees doing their part. Yet, many organizations share the same challenge: employee participation. Organizations that create a successful reporting culture do so by building a communication strategy focused on employee engagement. They develop a consistent, performance-focused approach and use all the […]