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The Future of HR: How Strategic HR Initiatives Boost Engagement and Productivity

According to Gallup, only one in five employees say they’re motivated by management to do outstanding work. How does that happen? It often leads back to one thing: an absence of HR’s influence on organizational strategy. The ultimate goal of HR is to spend less time with paperwork and more time with your workforce so you can become a strategic business partner. Only then are you free to help develop company culture and boost overall employee satisfaction.

How to Engage and Retain Top Talent by Combating the ‘Reality Slump’

In today’s competitive labor market, organizations are working harder than ever to engage and retain their critical talent. Yet, recent research reveals that more than 3 in 5 employees who quit could have been retained by employers.

Attend this webcast to learn about the ‘Reality Slump’—a critical time when employees across all industries, levels and generations are most vulnerable to turnover. This trend was uncovered through a landmark study that explores the impact of social psychology on employee engagement and retention. Join us to learn more about the research, the ‘Reality Slump’ and, most importantly, what you can do to mitigate its impact on your talent.

Boost Engagement and Your Bottom Line Through the Power of Recognition

Companies spend over $100 billion a year to improve employee engagement in the workplace, and for good reason. We need employees to be willing, ready and able to meet challenges head on. We need them inspired, and we need them aligned. But engagement sits at only 34 percent — our methods aren’t working. We need better ways to boost this critical differentiator of business success. And the solution is recognition.

How to Make Performance Reviews Something to Look Forward To

Many – if not most – managers and team members dislike or even hate performance reviews. It seems like you’ve said everything you need to say already, you’re not sure how to prepare, and you feel awkward delivering an odd combination of positive and negative feedback.

Join us on December 3rd as 15Five’s Director of L&D, Dr. Jeff Smith, shows you how to make performance reviews an impactful practice that promotes accountability, growth, and dialogue about someone being and becoming their best self.

Using HR Software to Build and Manage a Stellar Remote Workforce

Remote workers have unique needs and challenges that traditional employees may not; therefore, you need unique recruiting, onboarding, and management strategies tailored to your mobile workforce.

That’s where HR software comes into play. When you can support your employees both in and out of the office, you’ll be able to hire and retain top talent no matter where you find it. And the whole organization rises as a result.

How can you create better retention strategies with people analytics?

Is employee retention and the competitive job market keeping you and your CEO up at night?

As soon as your best employee feels dissatisfied with their job, there’s another company lying in wait, promising them a better future (and more money). What if you could get ahead of job dissatisfaction and spot these red flags before your best employees are even considering their job search?

Building Better Financial Wellbeing

Every day we see another news headline about Americans woefully under saving, struggling with student loan debt, and unable to retire on time.

According to the Gallagher Retirement Pulse Survey, 65% of organizations have not considered that delayed retirements result in higher costs – impacting profitability. Furthermore, a tight talent market is shaping employer approaches to retirement offerings and financial wellbeing overall. Findings from Gallagher’s Retirement Pulse Survey reveal that over two-thirds (69%) of organizations are retooling retirement plans to position them as industry competitive or strategic offerings – making them more competitive employer.

Are 4 Year Degrees Really Required?

Hiring managers have often been focused on 4 year degrees, usually unnecessarily. Many jobs in corporate America really don’t require a degree of any kind, these are ‘middle-skilled jobs’. Rob and Jim will talk about those jobs and how you can fill the middle-skill gaps within your organization.

A Safer Workplace: Understanding State Legislation for 2020

Sexual harassment has continued to impact businesses worldwide in 2018, with approximately 40 million Google searches of the term and over 13,000 allegations worth $56 million in settlements, according to statistics from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Aligning Pay Philosophy, Culture and Employer Brand

What makes an employer brand believable?

The best employers work hard developing their mission, vision, and values and communicating them to their employees. For your organization to prove to current and prospective employees that your employee experience is as advertised, your compensation and culture need to consistently align with your employer brand.