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Evaluating Next Generation Workforce Management Technology

When selecting the right technology solution there are many important factors to consider.

This webinar will guide you through the selection process, identifying the not-so-obvious criteria to consider as you compare solutions

Reporting + Training; a Winning Combination to Tackle Harasssment and Discrimination

Approximately 70% of incidents of workplace harassment and discrimination go unreported. That means you’re operating in the dark. But with an AI-based anonymous reporting service coupled with state-of-the-art training, you can shed light on what’s really happening inside your organization while building company culture.

Student Loan Assistance Creates Advantage

This webinar will be discussing the issue of student debt and its impact in the workplace. We will discuss the immediate and long range effects of student debt and practical solutions that can benefit both employers and their employees.

Discover What Strategic HR Can Do for Your Business

As the role of HR professionals continues to evolve within today’s organizations, it has become more important than ever to be strategic and influence employees and leadership. Creating an incredible year for your organization, managers and employees starts with creating a clear vision and executing purposeful strategy.

Where HR Data Makes a Difference

In this webinar, HR experts from PayScale and BambooHR will dive into how HR leaders can become proficient in using data to drive change in every area that matters, including recruiting, talent management, productivity, and retention.

How to Lead a Digital Transformation and Avoid HR Profit Drain

Technology and users’ trust in it have progressed to place consumers in direct contact with the database they previously had interacted with passively. Today’s transactions take fewer points to reach the same destination. It’s the concept of innovation in action: the digital transformation. The nearly universal use of Internet and mobile technology has changed the way we interact, shop, run errands, and generally go about our days and nights — with more change since 2000 than in the last 50 years of the 20th century.

How High-Performing Organizations Compete for Talent

Skill shortages, growing time-to-fill positions, and increased voluntary turnover have put added pressure on HR and Time and Attendance functions. In a labor market as tight as this, developing talent acquisition strategies that better meet the needs of the current and future workforce is critical. This webinar will focus on attracting the best talent through the interview and beyond.

Best Practices in Creating Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are driven towards higher performance and productivity, which ultimately drives organizational results. However, 70% of employees are not engaged at work. When employees are not engaged…they leave.

Cracking the Code to High Potentials

Literally thousands of books, articles, and research papers have been written on the topic of identifying and developing ‘high potential’ employees. In this webcast, Dr. Henryk Krajewski, a recognized leader in both the research and practice of talent assessment and development, will share a unifying view of what matters most in selecting – and keeping – the best talent.

Preparing your organization to embrace “the disruptors”: Xennials, millennials and beyond

Today’s global workforce is increasingly mobile and capable of moving from country to country. Internet and cloud-based collaboration tools have provided the platform for employees to complete their daily tasks within this remote environment, but the onus is now on HR to ensure they are providing the platform for mobile talent to succeed. Join this webinar on August 7th to learn how you can attract and retain mobile talent.