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Building Better Financial Wellbeing

Every day we see another news headline about Americans woefully under saving, struggling with student loan debt, and unable to retire on time.

According to the Gallagher Retirement Pulse Survey, 65% of organizations have not considered that delayed retirements result in higher costs – impacting profitability. Furthermore, a tight talent market is shaping employer approaches to retirement offerings and financial wellbeing overall. Findings from Gallagher’s Retirement Pulse Survey reveal that over two-thirds (69%) of organizations are retooling retirement plans to position them as industry competitive or strategic offerings – making them more competitive employer.

How can you create better retention strategies with people analytics?

Is employee retention and the competitive job market keeping you and your CEO up at night?

As soon as your best employee feels dissatisfied with their job, there’s another company lying in wait, promising them a better future (and more money). What if you could get ahead of job dissatisfaction and spot these red flags before your best employees are even considering their job search?