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Millennials and Workplace Mentors: Why the Search is On

Millennials are very much looking to their workplace superiors for mentorship, but studies show they’re coming up short—and that’s detrimental on personal, company, and industry-wide levels. In order to become the best leaders of tomorrow, young professionals need guidance from the best leaders of today.


Improve Employee Morale with 7 Days of ‘Thank You’

By Donna Cutting, Author How many times a day do you tell someone, “thank you?” Three? Four? Do you look them in the eye when you say it? Do you mean it? Or are you merely adhering to the social convention of mumbling out a short phrase of appreciation when you know the situation calls […]


CEO Pay Ratio Disclosures: Start Preparing Now

As part of the Dodd-Frank Act, public companies will soon be subject to CEO pay ratio disclosure requirements. Starting with reporting for any fiscal year that begins on or after January 1, 2017, these organizations will have to disclose not only the CEO annual total compensation, but also the total annual compensation of the median […]


Why Happy Employees Breed Happy Customers

by Ellen Humphrey, senior vice president of Human Resources, Appirio

How do you make your employees happy? As an HR professional or executive for your company, this is a question that’s likely always top of mind. And for good reason—having a team of happy, engaged employees is not just good for office morale, it’s good for your customers, too.


The Blended Workforce: How to Effectively Blend Workers—Like Whiskey

Is a blended workforce like blended whiskey? In my bartending days I learned that a blended whiskey was a mix of the best qualities of the best scotch flavors. So it follows that the blended workforce mixes the best qualities of the best workers. Sounds like a recipe for success, but it may not be that simple (blended whiskeys are very complex).


Feedback: The Key to Growth, Motivation, and Company Strength

A toxic culture can disrupt business, resulting in low engagement and high turnover and ultimately damaging your company’s reputation. However, culture can be influenced, and new norms can be internalized to help companies bounce back. Even if a company is not suffering from the effects of a negative culture, creating a strong purpose and values from the beginning helps to institutionalize the right kinds of behaviors.


How to Prepare for a Successful HCM Cloud Deployment

by Emily Liddle, HR strategy and transformation lead, North America, Presence of IT

Rolling out new systems and software was traditionally IT’s job. Moving to the cloud changes all of that. The cloud is disruptive and fundamentally changes the relationship between IT, HR, and finance and administration. Suddenly, the new system is HR’s responsibility. It’s new territory, and one full of pitfalls.