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CEOs Expect Significant Investment in Technology Over Next 3 Years

U.S. Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are highly confident about their business prospects over the next 3 years and will focus on investing in new technologies in order to remain competitive and grow, according to a study released today by KPMG LLP, the U.S. audit, tax, and advisory firm.  

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Employee Engagement’s Role in Organizational Success: An HR Pro’s Perspective

During a job interview, a candidate once asked me a surprisingly difficult question—he wanted to know how our organization measures success. He was referring not to his own individual success as a prospective employee, but rather to that of the company as a whole. His interest first struck me as unusual, as he already knew […]


What Are Talent Analytics, and How Can You Use Them?

Do you use data and have metrics related to sourcing talent? For example, do you know which of your recruiting pipelines generates the highest percentage of hires? Do you continue to use data to assess employee productivity, engagement, and retention? What about using and analyzing data to ensure the right staffing levels or to know […]


Do You Play Favorites at Work? You Should.

I was thinking the other day about Mrs. Lacroix, my third-grade teacher. One of my classmates was complaining about a perceived slight of some kind—I imagine it had something to do with recess—and her calm response, one eyebrow raised, was, “Well, who ever said life was fair”?


New Research Highlights the Science Behind Team Effectiveness

Understanding team effectiveness is becoming increasingly important. Organizations are rapidly dismantling traditional hierarchies in search of new and dynamic ways to respond to changing market conditions. In their place, teams are stepping up to underpin new business models and drive performance. Which raises the following question: how do you describe an effective team and the […]


New Report Offers Insight into Women in the Workforce

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 47% of U.S. workers are women. While we all expect equal treatment and opportunity at work, women in the workplace have historically been faced with an uneven playing field. Recent data from an iCIMS survey, of 1,000 office professionals, reveals that U.S. companies are making progress, but still struggle […]