How Task Automation and Employee Self-Service Are Reshaping the HR Experience

In our “HR Task Automation and Employee Self-Service” survey conducted in mid-2023, we collected responses from 831 HR professionals about the significant role of technology in their industry. The findings highlight that certain HR tech tools assist teams in transitioning to more automated work processes while enabling employees to have more autonomy in their employment journey, resulting in a rapidly shifting HR landscape.

The digital transition has ushered in notable advancements to HR operations, highlighted by task automation and employee self-service platforms. As companies navigate changing global workforce dynamics, maintaining a strong employee experience is fundamental to success. Shifting from manual to automated processes is paramount for organizations striving to nurture a dedicated and proactive workforce in the coming years.

In our recent survey, “HR Task Automation and Employee Self-Service,” we examine the perspectives of HR professionals regarding integrating automation and self-service tools into their daily routines, the influence on their operational efficiency and the subsequent effect on the overall employee experience.

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