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It’s hard to talk HR at all today without talking HR Technology. From your ATS to your HRIS we’ve got all of your tech acronyms covered in this category.

Blockchain HR: How Decentralization Will Affect HR Structures in 2023

The unmatched pace of change in the business world has increased uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in existing structures and practices that put the HR profession at a crossroads. The work-from-home concept and lockdowns that followed the COVID-19 pandemic impacted workforces globally and revealed that yesterday’s HR practices and technologies are incapable of dealing with modern […]

HR Works Podcast: Become More Human-Centric…With Technology?!

Guest: Christina Erne, Vice President of People at Amplitude Can HR technology actually make the workplace a more human-centric environment? In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, we look at the impact that technology and the latest HR software tools are having on the workplace with Amplitude’s Vice President of People, Christina Erne. […]

Why Technology Won’t Solve Your Recruiting Problems

With the vast amount of available technology today, it’s not surprising that recruiters are relying on tech to streamline the hiring process. As someone who’s spent 30 years working primarily with tech firms, I get it: Technology is valuable and useful. It’s brought success to many companies and helped them save time and money. But […]

How Skills-Based Hiring Can Boost an Organization

The pursuit of talent has never been more intense. Organizations are scrambling to fill positions that have been vacant since the pandemic-induced Great Resignation. Interestingly, while 63% of employers face talent shortages, 94% of HR decision-makers have trouble finding qualified candidates.   Hiring managers need help meeting their staffing needs through traditional recruiting activities. It begs […]

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Enterprise Social Apps: Securing the Digital Workplace

It’s hard to imagine a workplace without Slack, Teams, and other enterprise social apps that have made remote work possible and enjoyable. Since the pandemic, we’ve relied on these apps to replace in-person conversations and collaboration. While ultimately the benefit outweighs the risk, enterprise social apps bring with them new security challenges that simply can’t […]

How to Use a Phishing Simulation to Train Employees

Cybercrime is at an all-time high, leaving companies, government agencies, and consumers at risk of severe data breaches. Data suggests phishing emails account for 91% of all cyberattacks. Despite efforts to mitigate these scams with advanced security measures, phishing tactics have become highly sophisticated and far more capable of penetrating internal systems. Many companies are responding proactively, investing in […]

Best of Technology 2022

Technology is an integral part of daily life, and the working world is no exception. As many companies adapted to remote or hybrid work in the past year, technological tools and software are an essential part of HR pros’ toolkits. That said, HR faces countless tech challenges: 24% of HR leaders cite remote and hybrid […]

Why the Big Layoffs in Big Tech?

What do Twitter, Amazon, and Facebook parent company Meta have in common? Well, besides the obvious fact that they’re all major tech companies, all three firms have recently announced significant employee layoffs. Massive Layoffs Strike Big Tech Meta, which also owns WhatsApp and Instagram, announced the layoff of over 11,000 employees in early November. Following […]

The 2023 Tech Industry Is Primed for Staff Augmentation

When it comes to the future of the tech industry, everything rides on the quality of its workers. But we’re facing two main issues. First, there’s a widening gap between the skills companies are looking for and the skills workers are being trained in. It’s estimated the skills gap will contribute to around 2.4 million […]

Hiring Shouldn’t Be This Problematic—Technology Can Help 

Doesn’t it seem like the hiring process should be more streamlined by now? According to Glassdoor, it can take an average of 23.8 days to get an offer from a U.S.-based company. Some employers can extend that time up to 30 days.  A long, laborious hiring process isn’t good for employers or job candidates, so […]