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How Can HR Work Become Easier with eLearning Software?

HR specialists face multiple challenges daily, from recruiting new employees (and ensuring they stay) to providing corporate training that the staff doesn’t look forward to. Besides, many HR issues need to be resolved to enhance a company’s internal processes and increase employee productivity. With so much going on, some tasks don’t get the attention they […]

DecisionWise launches Spectiv, a SaaS multi-rater survey platform

Spectiv is a SaaS multi-rater survey platform that helps employees see the experience they create for others, own their development and thrive in the modern workforce.  SPRINGVILLE, UTAH—January 19, 2021— A global leader in the employee experience and feedback space for 20+ years, DecisionWise announced today the launch of Spectiv, a Saas survey multi-rater platform designed to make it easier for companies to facilitate 360 or multi-rater feedback that will help their leaders grow.  Having spent the past […]

BizLibrary Launches New Skills Development Platform to Help Organizations Retain and Upskill Employees

BizSkills will help L&D professionals automate job-specific development Eighty-two percent of organizations do not use any tools or resources to formally map skills development within their organization, according to a recent survey1 by BizLibrary. Closing skill gaps is a prominent nationwide challenge, and the current state of “The Great Resignation” shows that the struggle to retain […]

Payscale Acquires CURO, Pay Equity Analysis and Compensation Management Leader

With the acceleration to hybrid work and the welcome emphasis on the social justice movement we have all seen compensation and pay equity strategy become a focus of growing importance for most companies. Payscale’s recent State of the Gender Pay Gap Report predicts that the gender pay gap could widen beyond previous levels when women […]

Hottest Developer Jobs for 2021 Revealed in 4th-Annual Report from CodinGame

NEW YORK, NY March 18,  2021—CodinGame today revealed the list of the most in-demand developer positions in 2021, among the HR and Talent Acquisition insights in its fourth-annual report on the developer profession. The leading hiring platform for developers interviewed more than 15,000 developers and HR professionals around the world. They were surveyed on a list […]

Namely Asks: Should the Employer or Employee Bear the Costs of Working from Home?

To help organizations better understand what their employees truly want, Namely, the leading HR platform for mid-sized companies, recently conducted research on working from home trends. While the pandemic forced many workforces to work remotely – an estimated 56 percent in the U.S. – employers and employees were not necessarily prepared for this shift. Namely’s research […]

Factorial launches startup program, to facilitate the digitization of HR

SaaS Startup Factorial is the first HR Software in the market to launch an offer for fellow startups, allowing young businesses to better manage their human capital and adapt to HR digitization at a fraction of the price. Young startups need more support now than ever before Although the Covid-19 crisis has had a strong […]

PeopleFactors Launches HR Pre-Hire Assessment Solution to Improve Hiring of Leaders and Strengthen Management Teams — Improves retention and eliminates bias in hiring —

BOSTON, Oct. 28, 2020 — PeopleFactors today announced the launch of a new HR pre-hire assessment and screening solution designed with a unique approach to accurately predict and identify candidates with leadership potential. The new HR solution uses multi-dimensional assessments and AI-based algorithms to create recommendations and reports on candidates with objective data, to help […]