Wayne Technologies Announces Executive Change and Redefines Corporate Culture

Julia Adler

Wayne Technologies, Inc., a recruitment data services firm using the most advanced suite of technologies and strategies to identify relevant candidates, deliver an actionable data-set, and provide first-touch outreach services, announces the implementation of Radical Corporate Culture 2.0 (Radical C2).

In light of recent growth and client acquisitions, Julia Adler, known as “Wonder Woman” in the Wayne Technologies culture, who identifies themselves as “Justice Colleagues”, was promoted to the executive position of Head of RecOps (Recruitment Operations). Julia has over half-a-dozen years in the recruitment industry and joined Wayne Technologies as their 3rd employee.  Since joining in 2020 her accomplishments include:

  • Speaking at multiple global conferences, including; SourceCon, HRTX, SOSU, and more
  • Articles published through major industry distribution channels
  • Obtained position of resident Staff Writer for RecruitingDaily
  • Leads the marketing committee at the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP)
  • Top client acquisition leader
  • Develops and conducts customized training workshops for high-profile clients

Upon joining Wayne Technologies, Julia made it clear that she wished to grow into an executive role where she was running an organization. As such, she has helped shape the culture of Wayne Technologies through her vulnerability, organization, and focus on creating a safe space for everyone to show up as their authentic selves. That culture embodies what Diversity & Inclusion could look like when an organization prioritizes it above all else.

In order to embody what Diversity and Inclusion stands for, Wayne Technologies focuses their strategy on their Vision: Harnessing individual superpowers to create synergies that elevate the Talent Acquisition industry.  Founder, Mike “Batman” Cohen keeps the primary focus of Wayne Technologies on its people by employing out-of-the-box strategies and internal processes focused on creating safety, empowering vulnerability, and aligning their professional and personal senses of purpose.

With a growing team of Justice Colleagues; including Julia “Wonder Woman” Adler, Nikao “Nightwing” Hill, Chris “Aquaman” Carver, and Leon “Cyborg” Blue, Wayne Technologies is expanding with a focus on hiring unique individuals and evolving operations to embrace synergistic human relationships instead of skill-sets or work history.

Wayne Technologies offers contract sourcing (recruitment) services for organizations looking to build pipelines, gather usable market data, advanced psychologically-based candidate outreach, and work with one of the most technologically savvy companies in the world.

For more information, reach out to Mike “Batman” Cohen at Batman@Wayne-Technologies.com, or on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/batmanrecruiter/.

Congratulate Julia in person, when you join us at RecruitCon 2022, LIVE in Denver, CO, May 18-20, 2022. Julia will be presenting the session, “You Heard Me, Sourcing Can Be Fun … with the Right Tools and Tech in Place!” on May 20th, reserve your spot today, before the Early Bird pricing expires on March 10.