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How to Speed Up the Recruitment Process

If your business is looking to fill an employment hole as soon as possible, you may be intimidated by the process ahead. After all, recruitment truly is just that: a process. It’s not something that can be done overnight. Rushing to fill a spot with just anyone can lead to plenty of consequences down the […]

Recruiters Are Jumping Ship: How to Get the Best of Your Recruiting Talent Without Burning Them Out

The Great Resignation that has been roiling the talent market and making work more challenging for recruiters is now starting to affect the recruiters themselves. Right now, there are more open recruiter roles listed on LinkedIn than there are for software engineers. Additionally, reports show that recruiters are 115% more likely than the average worker to explore a new […]


What Are Unconscious Biases in Recruiting and How to Get Rid of Them

Recruiters have a difficult job. Narrowing down the candidate pool and finding the right candidate for an open position can be tedious and time-consuming. But unconscious biases are added dangers that can seep into hiring and further complicate the process, resulting in the right candidate slipping away.  Unconscious racism, ageism, and sexism can cause recruiters […]

4 Simple Steps to Improve Employee Retention

The United States is still in the thick of the Great Resignation, and companies are feeling the strain. A combination of economic factors, the aftermath of a pandemic, and a workforce with more options than ever has left thousands of companies desperate to find new employees. But as any good HR department knows, there’s a […]


4 Red Flags You Can’t Ignore During Recruitment

As the economy continues to fluctuate and the workforce’s demands shift and change, the problem many companies are facing—too many open positions but not enough employees—continues. However, that doesn’t mean you should lower your recruiting standards. Often, no person for the job is better than the wrong person for the job, and while you may […]

Building and Fostering Employee Resource Groups

At a time when talent pools are shrinking and turnover is at an all-time high, HR leaders are challenged with prioritizing initiatives that will both attract and retain employees in our new digital workplace. A survey found that 76% of jobseekers and employees rank a diverse workforce as an important factor when evaluating prospective employers […]

How to Retain (or Reclaim) Your Older Workers

In a previous post, we discussed recent data showing the significant impact older workers have had on the current labor shortage. In an article for CNN, Allison Morrow cited data showing that workers over age 55 represented an astonishing 90% of the 3.6 million American workers who left the workforce in November 2021 without plans […]

What are ‘Bespoke Perks’?

As millions of Americans continue to retire or otherwise opt out of participating in the workforce, companies are scrambling to secure a share of the best and brightest of those who remain. Clearly, continuing to offer the same compensation and perks in the midst of a fundamental realignment of the labor force won’t cut it. […]


Concrete Data Sheds Further Light on Labor Shortage

We’ve written a great deal about companies struggling to staff their organizations these days. Many are having to lower their minimum criteria, increase wages, or simply leave positions unfilled. Perhaps the most obvious labor shortage is in retail and service positions, which manifests itself in unexpected retail store closures and slow service at a favorite […]

Data and Analytics Skills Will Be Explicit Requirements for More Job Roles in 2022

At a time when the “Great Resignation” is getting significant attention, there’s a perception that the need to hire has exceeded the growing need for specific skill sets. However, this could not be further from the truth. Businesses will remember 2022 as a year in which data and analytics skills grew in importance and prominence.