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HR Works Podcast: Performance Management for the Modern Era

Guest: Dave Carhart, Vice President of People, Lattice In episode 170 of the HR Works Podcast, we are joined by Dave Carhart, Vice President of People at Lattice, a market-leading people management platform that empowers leaders to build engaged, high-performing teams that inspire winning cultures. Listen as we take a closer look at performance management […]

HR Works Podcast: A New Approach to Workplace Wellness

Guest: Cassidy Rouse, Global General Manager, Corporate Wellness at Peloton In episode 169 of the HR Works Podcast, we are joined by Cassidy Rouse, Global General Manager of Corporate Wellness at Peloton, to discuss the connection between employee wellness, engagement, and business outcomes.  Cassidy explains why employers should consider integrating employee-sponsored wellness programs into their […]

HR Works Podcast: Building Culture Through Wellbeing

Guest: Nikki Salenetri, Vice President of People, Gympass. In episode 167 of the HR Works Podcast, we continue our conversation around corporate culture and the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the modern workforce.  Previously, we shared how corporate culture could be supported and cultivated through teamwork activities, such as improvisational comedy, that […]

HR Works Podcast: Improving Corporate Culture Through Improv

Guest: Erin Diehl, Founder and CEO, Improve It! Today’s podcast is part of the HR Daily Advisor’s HR Corporate Culture Week, taking place all this week (October 25th – October 29th). Throughout the week, we’ll be offering a unique slate of informative and exciting content covering the various aspects of corporate culture. Tune in for an […]

HR Works Podcast: Workplace Vaccine Issues

As many employers are pushing for a return to the workplace, often in a hybrid capacity, employees are naturally cautious about their safety and security. In episode 165 of HR Works, we talk about workplace vaccine issues in general, and specifically about vaccine passports. Today’s guest is Dr. Dena Bravata, Chief Medical Officer at Castlight […]

HR Works Podcast: Building an Effective Organizational Culture

We all know that getting culture right is an absolute must at any organization. But sometimes the stakes are higher than just a potential loss of motivation or high turnover. For example, when poor work cultures intersect with poor safety cultures, lives can be at risk. In episode 164 of HR Works Podcast, we talk […]

HR Works Podcast: Accelerating Board Diversity

In episode 163 of HR Works Podcast, we talk about diversity at the C-Suite level and the role human resource professionals play in it. Today’s guest is Fiona Hathorn, CEO of Women on Boards UK, which exists to supports its 30,000 members into the boardroom. Hathorn is an expert in the areas of Governance, Regulation and […]

HR Works Podcast: ADHD Isn’t a Knowledge Problem, It’s a Performance Problem

  According to experts, the number of adults with ADHD is between 4% and 5%. Although we can’t say for sure if those numbers are among the workforce, it is likely you have employees with ADHD – and if you don’t, you will. ADHD is one of those things that is vastly misunderstood and poorly […]

HR Works Podcast: Selecting for Softskills in a Remote World

Guest: Annie Lin, VP of People, Lever Evaluating soft skills has always been a challenge, and that challenge only increased with the move towards remote interviews, onboarding, and work. What has been lost since the transition to remote hiring and onboarding? What has been gained? Today I am going to talk about this with my […]