HR Work Break

A series of conversations with members of the HR community, covering the latest trends and popular topics that are driving the world of human resources and people operations.

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: How to Support Employees Going Through Divorce

Guests: Sheri Atwood, Founder & CEO of Supportpay I’m joined by Sheri Atwood, Founder and CEO of Supportpay. SupportPay is an automated child support platform designed to help parents manage the process of exchanging child support, sharing child expenses, custody, and communication. With over 39 million parents raising children in non-nuclear households, how do employers […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: What Can We Accomplish Together?

Guests: Ryan Naylor, Founder and CEO of VIVAHR The labor market, according to 86% of recruiters and 62% of employers, is candidate-driven. As such, it’s essential for companies to be aware of and implement hiring best practices to attract and retain today’s top talent. In this recruiting-focused episode of HR Work Break, I’m joined by […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: Transferable Skills, Growth, and Passion

Guests: Bailey Showalter, Vice President of Talent Solutions at Credly, a business of Pearson 58% of workers aren’t sure how to include transferable skills on their resume. However, in today’s labor market, both hard and soft transferable skills are in high demand. In this episode of HR Work Break, I’m joined by Bailey Showalter, Vice […]