HR Work Break

A series of conversations with members of the HR community, covering the latest trends and popular topics that are driving the world of human resources and people operations.

HR Work Break Presents: The ABCs of AI Compliance

McKensie found that nearly 75% of workers expect generative AI to cause significant or disruptive change in the nature of their industry’s competition in the next three years. As HR pros adapt to the ins and outs of artificial intelligence, compliance is top of mind for most leaders. In the past year alone, President Biden […]

HR Work Break: Financial Wellness in 2024

Guests: Timothy Flacke, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Commonwealth 60% of fulltime employees are stressed about their finances. And, as over 80% of HR leader are concerned about wage growth not keeping up with inflation and declining consumer purchasing power, it’s more important than ever for businesses to find creative solutions through financial benefits offerings […]

HR Work Break: The Future of L&D

Guests: Dr. Trish Holiday, VP of HR and Corporate Services at Nashville Electric Service, and Kara Hardin,  CEO of The Practice Lab When considering job options, 55% of employees consider career growth and opportunities more important than salary. And, when companies with robust training programs are 17% more productive and experience 24% higher profit margins, […]

HR Work Break: 2023’s Biggest HR Buzzwords

In the last few days of 2023, now is an excellent time for companies to reflect on buzzwords, trends, and hot topics that shaped the HR space. By taking these topics to heart, leaders can better prepare themselves, their teams, and their organizations for a successful 2024. Tune in for HR Work Break’s special end-of-year […]

HR Work Break: Investing in the Future of L&D

Guests: Sam Zheng, CEO & Founder of DeepHow 88% of L&D pros think that proactively building employee skills will help them navigate the evolving future of work. So, what does that future look like? Sam Zheng, CEO & Founder of DeepHow, joins HR Work Break to discuss the benefits of employee-led training, best practices for employee […]

HR Work Break: 2024’s Future of Work

Guests: Jared Pope, Co-Founder and CEO of Work Shield In a recent survey, McKinsey highlighted three major trends that will likely continue to reshape work as we know it: remote work, e-commerce, and the adoption of automation and AI. Jared Pope, Co-Founder & CEO of Work Shield, joins HR Work Break to discuss how these topics […]

HR Work Break: The Loneliness Epidemic

Guests: Erica Kezwin, workplace strategist, keynote speaker, and bestselling author The US Surgeon General recently deemed loneliness and isolation and “epidemic” as over half of Americans reported experiencing measurable levels of loneliness. What can HR leaders do to better support their employees’ mental health? Erica Kezwin, workplace strategist, keynote speaker, and bestselling author; joins HR […]

HR Work Break: What Is ‘Tethered Nomading?’

Guests: Audra Nichols, Chief Operating Officer at MBO Partners When the pandemic forced many jobs into a remote setting, countless workers embraced a more nomadic lifestyle. With a good wifi connection and flexible work arrangements, workers were able to travel to their hearts’ content. But, as many companies contemplate a return to office, the trend […]

HR Work Break: Remote, Hybrid, or In Office?

Guests: Carol Howard, Chief People Officer at Eptura In a recent report from Resume Builder, 90% of companies say they plan to implement return-to-office policies by the end of 2024. As many high-profile business like Amazon, Netflix, and Google shift to hybrid or office-first work, leaders everywhere are trying to find the best system for […]

HR Work Break: This Barbie Is a Recruiter Part 2

Guests: Brianna Rooney, CEO of TalentPerch Welcome back to part 2 of my conversation with Brianna Rooney, CEO of TalentPerch, about Barbie and what recruiters can learn from the blockbuster film. Tune in as we discuss how to contextualize various skills for career growth, the importance of diversity and representation, and more. Remember, you can […]