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Posts focus on what not to do in the workplace, based on examples from television, film, and other popular media.

EntertainHR: Employer’s Guide to Navigating Mental Health in the Workplace

In just a few short weeks, the world will tune in to watch the most talented athletes in the planet beat world records and achieve what no one has done before. After years of training, it will all come down to that one race, that one floor exercise. With cameras in their face and millions […]

EntertainHR: Why it’s Never a Good Idea to Overlook Workplace Drama

If you’re a fan of the Bravo sphere, you’re probably noticing a theme in a few of the latest seasons of our favorite shows like Summer House, the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Vanderpump Rules: conflict amongst co-workers. Conflict is a part of life, and it becomes more frequent when you’re exes that hate […]

EntertainHR: Baby Reindeer and Employee Protections for Victims of Stalking or Domestic Violence

Baby Reindeer on Netflix is the dark, fictionalized account of how one man’s stalker forever changed his life. It tells the story of a struggling London comedian, Donny Dunn, who meets a woman, named Martha, in a pub where he works as bartender. Martha then begins harassing and stalking Donny, his friends and his family. […]

EntertainHR: 9 to 5—Don’t Mess with Dolly

Summertime is nearing, and one of my favorite summer traditions after a long week is to make a big bowl of popcorn, get myself and my dog cozy on the couch, and turn on an old movie. Recently, I rewatched 9 to 5, a classic screwball comedy that will have you rolling on the floor […]

EntertainHR: Workers of the Michael Scott Paper Company, Unite!

As a proud Gen Xer, I cannot say that I watch anything on television that would be considered “new” or “current.” So when I had the flu recently, I turned to an old reliable and watched reruns of The Office (which, if you refuse to cut the cord, can be found at all times on […]

EntertainHR: Caitlin Clark Fever and the Gender Wage Gap

As a proud South Carolinian, I was delighted to watch the undefeated Gamecocks women’s basketball team take home another NCAA Championship this year. Being the parent of a budding female athlete (when my daughter isn’t busy finishing fourth grade) and basketball fan made the Gamecocks’ headline-grabbing journey to the NCAA finals all the more exciting. However, […]

EntertainHR: The Long Night Brings Long Hours – Lessons in Wage and Hour Law from True Detective Season 4

The long-awaited return of the hit anthology series, True Detective, is finally back. In True Detective: Night Country, showrunner Issa Lopez places viewers directly in the heart of Alaska during the polar night, a period of complete darkness lasting two full months. During this period of perpetual night, leads Jodi Foster and Kali Reis, who […]

EntertainHR: Marvel’s Echo Teaches Employers About the Importance of Accommodations in the Workplace

The character of Maya Lopez (a/k/a Echo) was first introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Hawkeye as the leader of the Track Suit Mafia, the crime syndicate run by Wilson Fisk. After Maya learns her father was killed on Fisk’s orders, Maya leaves the syndicate and shoots Fisk. Echo starts a few months later […]