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Posts focus on what not to do in the workplace, based on examples from television, film, and other popular media.

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Proceeds with Equal Pay Fight

On March 8, 2019, all 28 players on the women’s national team initiated a proposed class and collective action in federal court against the U.S. Soccer Federation. Their action alleged discrimination based on sex in violation of the Equal Pay Act (EPA) and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended (Title […]

[Expletive] My Coach Says

For all their recent excellence and success, the NBA’s Golden State Warriors have developed something of a tedious routine.  They seem to pull punches during the regular season, occasionally lose games that leave everyone scratching their heads, and go through stretches of apparently disinterested and uninspired basketball.  Come play-off time, though, the engine revs and […]

Jussie Smollett’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Salary Negotiation

Did anyone else watch On Our Own, the 1994 TV series in which six real-life siblings co-starred and were raised by their eldest brother (who posed, Madea-style, as their long-lost Aunt Jelcinda and was apparently not one of the real-life siblings) after the death of their parents? I remember this series, not for the tearjerker […]

Who’s Watching the Robert Kraft Situation Closest? NFL Players

You can be sure that, other than the inspirational underdog story of someone beating the odds or overcoming insurmountable obstacles, nothing garners more media attention than the fall of a prominent public figure. This is not a critique, but simply a fact of life, particularly in a social media driven society.

Ben Affleck’s Batman is Retiring His Cape: What About Your Employees?

I waded through a slew of this week’s entertainment, past a bunch of Kardashian-related bunk, and noticed an announcement that Ben Affleck is retiring from playing Batman. Of course, Batman, and his long-suffering pals Robin and Alfred, are fictional characters who never grow too old to work. Still, I could not help but imagine the […]

Dead in the Water: Below Deck Med Star Called Out for Fudging Resume

Unless you are lucky enough to live in SoCal or the Sunshine State, you likely have been hit with below-zero wind chills, freezing rain, and/or snowstorms. During the bitter cold months of winter, watching old episodes of Below Deck Mediterranean (or, as the cool kids say, Below Deck Med) reminds me that sunnier, warmer days […]

Surviving R. Kelly Raises Potential Issues of Employees Aiding and Abetting Abuse

Over the holiday break, my wife and I watched the documentary series Surviving R. Kelly. In six hour-long episodes, alleged victims of R&B singer Robert Kelly (known by his stage name “R. Kelly”) provided first-hand, detailed accounts of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse by Kelly. In addition to adult women, Kelly preyed upon teenage girls, […]

Lessons on Grieving, Courtesy of NFC Championship Game

It’s time I made a confession: I’m a New Orleans Saints fan—a lifelong member of the Who Dat Nation—living in Atlanta. My status is particularly stressful during our biannual games against the Dirty Birds (Atlanta Falcons), but I expected my status would cause me even more grief when we lost the NFC championship game to […]

Billions Spotlights Boomerang Employee Trend

Even with the seemingly endless amount of TV shows to watch, finding a series to view with one’s significant other can sometimes prove a difficult task for a couple. After watching eight seasons of The Office together, it was challenging for me and my wife to find a show that fell somewhere in between Real […]

Hey, HR Pros: The Bird Box Method Won’t Work for You

At this point, millions have watched the movie “Bird Box” on Netflix. If you’re like me, your principal motivation for seeing the film was so you would not feel left out, or totally confused, when you scrolled through the dozens of Bird Box memes saturating social media. As a parent, I found the meme of […]