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Pop culture—the modern “popular culture” transmitted via the mass media and aimed particularly at younger people—shapes and is shaped by the world around us. And, with nearly 5.5 billion TV viewers worldwide, it’s no surprise that news in sports, music, and entertainment is at the forefront of many people’s media consumption.

That said, HR leaders can learn plenty from sports scandals, TV dramas, celebrity squabbles, and more. HRDA’s EntertainHR column breaks down recent news to shed light on best practices in the corporate space. While we don’t know what 2024 could entail, leaders can learn from past entertainment news. Let’s take a look back at HR Daily Advisor‘s best EntertainHR articles from 2023.

Employee Health

EntertainHR: Gone Too Soon – Matthew Perry’s Tragic Loss and the Importance of Employee Assistance Programs 

Beloved actor Matthew Perry, had a long, very public battle with depression, anxiety, drugs, and alcohol. Unfortunately, Perry’s struggles were not uncommon and were a reflection of the struggles shared by millions of people dealing with anxiety, depression, and addiction. Employers can offer benefits such as employee assistance programs (EAPs) to help employees better cope with such issues.

EntertainHR: Olympian Tori Bowie’s Pregnancy-Related Death and the Pervasiveness of Implicit Bias

American track and field champion Tori Bowie recently died suddenly from complications related to childbirth. HR pros can learn of the dangers of implicit bias from this tragic event.

What Tiger Woods’s Foot Can Teach Employers About Managing Employees’ Medical Conditions

Tiger Woods had to withdraw from the Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia due to a painful foot condition. While Woods was able to withdraw from the Masters tournament to aid in his recovery without having to ask anyone for time off, what should employers consider when addressing medical time off, the FMLA, and the ADA?

Workplace Emergency Preparedness: Damar Hamlin’s Sudden Collapse During a Monday Night Football Game Spotlights the Importance of Planning for the Unexpected

In January, Damar Hamlin, safety for the Buffalo Bills, suddenly collapsed on the field during a Monday night football game. The NFL’s emergency action plan (EAP) has been credited with helping save Hamlin’s life. What can employers learn from such a well-rehearsed EAP? 

Workplace Compliance & Best Practices

EntertainHR: Don’t Be Punk’d Without a Workplace Violence Policy

A recent backstage fight at All Elite Wrestling serves as a reminder that all employers should implement zero-tolerance workplace violence policies and provide such training to their managers, supervisors, employees, and contractors. Whether it’s a hospital whose job it is to save lives or a professional wrestling company whose job it is to put people in hospitals, when enforced consistently, these policies can significantly reduce liability for employers.

EntertainHR: Michigan’s Miscue—Is Your Company Ready for a Social Media Scandal?

A few days after being hired by the University of Michigan’s football program as the assistant director of football recruiting, Glenn Schembechler resigned after his questionable social media activity came to light. Employers should remember that a good social media policy should set forth the circumstances under which your employees may make public comments on behalf of the employer and give employees notice of the types of social media activity that may subject them to disciplinary action. 

EntertainHR: Vanderpump Rules Drama Offers Employers a Lesson in Office Dating No-Nos

Vanderpump Rules faced even more drama as reports surfaced that Sandoval, co-owner of TomTom, was cheating on his longtime girlfriend, SUR Restaurant & Lounge employee and castmate Ariana Madix. While a scandal like this makes for great reality TV, employers should review and update sexual harassment policies.

90 Day Fiancé–A How-To on U.S. Immigration and Life?

90 Day Fiancé focuses primarily on interpersonal drama, but the reality TV show has much to teach us about navigating relationships within and outside of our families and even about U.S. immigration law. 

Change in the Workplace

Potential NFL Running Back Union? Lessons To Be Learned from Derrick Henry And Other Top RBs As They Discuss Feeling Devalued In Their Positions

Tennessee Titans Running Back, Derrick Henry, admitted to forming a group chat linking all of the top NFL running backs together to discuss long-held sentiments of feeling devalued in their positions as running backs in the League. Even though the formation of a separate NFL running back union is unlikely for the time being, there are important steps employers can take to help their employees feel more valued in their positions.

EntertainHR: Voluntary Resignation – What Employers Can Learn from Meredith Grey’s Departure

Ellen Pompeo, known for her role as Meridith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy, departed the show this year. The character left the hospital voluntarily, siting her desire to find a cure for Alzheimer’s and focus on her daughter’s education. How can employers ensure such a smooth transition when employees voluntarily resign? 

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