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HRDA Shorts: What Are Some Best Practices to Consider Updating Benefits Packages?

54% of American workers report being content with the benefits their current employer offers. As employers prepare for open enrollment season, many may be considering implementing new perks that appeal to the remaining 46% of workers. Joshua Dunsby, PhD, VP of Client Advocacy and Consultant Relations at One Medical; Sony Jean-Thornton, Senior HR Business Partner […]

Addressing Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing in Remote Settings

The ability to work remotely has been a big boon for both employees and organizations. COVID-19 accelerated experiences in working virtually for a significant portion of the workforce. But, while the digital age has powered the ability to work remotely, and conveniently, from virtually anywhere, as the boundaries between professional and personal lives have blurred, […]

An Employer’s Role in Sepsis Prevention

Sepsis, a life-threatening condition stemming from the body’s response to infection, is a growing concern not only in the United States, but also worldwide. By exploring the disturbing statistics surrounding sepsis, its economic impact, the challenge of antimicrobial resistance and the potential of AI-driven solutions, we can recognize the critical role employers and comprehensive benefits […]

HR and Benefit Professionals Serve Key Role in Prioritizing Employee Mental Health

Our nation’s mental health crisis, declared by President Joe Biden, significantly impacts employees’ wellness and productivity in the workplace. The impact on productivity from mental health episodes is alarming: COVID-19 has had a significant impact on employee mental health. The pandemic brought about a range of stressors and challenges that have affected people’s mental well-being […]

Equal Pay Day 2023: HRDA’s 6 Essential Equal Pay Articles and Insights

Monday September 18th is International Equal Pay Day. Monster recently found that only 15% of the workforce hasn’t experienced a form of pay inequality. And, the workplace shifts to be more and more transparent, 63% of workers admit speaking to their coworkers about their pay. In honor of Equal Pay Day and to encourage leaders […]

Top Flexible Schedule Remote Jobs and Companies

FlexJobs has released the results of a survey that identified the top jobs and companies that support flexible scheduling, which has risen to a high level of importance for employees since their experiences during the pandemic. Flexibility in Demand In fact, according to the research, 21% indicated that inflexible work hours was the main factor […]

Long-term Care Crisis Is Really a Retirement Crisis—and the Stats Back it Up

By now you’ve read plenty about the looming care crisis in our country. Advances in modern medicine are resulting in people living longer than ever before. At the same time, the costs of long-term care and access to that care are becoming more restrictive. However, another story that doesn’t get quite as much attention in […]

Four Ways to Lower the Cost of Drugs for Your Employees

No one buys drug insurance. We buy health insurance. Yet, the drug portion of that health plan can and should also be a strategic investment in your employees, which can positively impact your bottom line.  That’s because patients dealing with chronic diseases, including 6 out of 10 adults in the U.S., typically take maintenance medications […]

9 Ways to Reimagine Failing Health Plans

Here’s how it should work for someone covered by an employer-sponsored health plan: You work hard. You need health care. You visit the doctor, who identifies a current or potential issue and provides the care you need. A month later, you aren’t agonizing over whether you should pay the rent, send your kids to summer […]

Disconnect Between Employers and Employees on Lifestyle Benefits Highlights Communication Gap

Employers and employees are increasingly appreciating the value of nonsalary compensation like employee benefits. When most people think of benefits, they probably think of health insurance, which is an extremely important benefit. But when virtually all employers offer certain foundational benefits, others try to differentiate themselves by offering premium benefits that support employees’ varied lifestyles. […]