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Faces of HR profiles members of the human resources community, sharing their personal experiences, successes, challenges, current practices, aspirations, and opinions on topics impacting the industry and its workforce.

Faces of HR: How Connie Ross Fosters Belonging at 84.51°

As a seasoned media buyer for more than 16 years, Connie Ross’ passion for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) led her down a path of purpose. A pivotal moment in 2020 ignited a desire to create opportunities for underrepresented voices and ensure everyone has a seat at the table. Her media background may seem […]

Faces of HR: The Pilot Leading HR to New Horizons—Cliff Jurkiewicz

Cliff Jurkiewicz is a self-described “technologist, musician, and pilot,” and his diverse experiences have blended to create a unique perspective in the world of Human Resources (HR). While his 30-year journey began in design and technology, culminating in leadership roles at a digital advertising agency and a successful software firm, Jurkiewicz’s true passion lies in […]

Faces of HR: SHRM’s CHRO on the Art of Simplicity

Jim Link’s path to CHRO at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) started with a lucky break: An internship at General Electric threw him headfirst into the world of HR. Tasked with both crafting the company newsletter and navigating the complexities of union grievances, his early exposure to the crucial roles of communication and […]

Faces of HR: Laura Hanson’s HR Odyssey

Laura Hanson’s journey in HR began not in a classroom but at a receptionist’s desk in a manufacturing firm. While responding to calls and screening résumés, fate intervened. A triple departure from the HR team propelled her into a generalist role, throwing her into the heart of the action. This “baptism by fire” proved to […]

Faces of HR: From Counselor to Champion—Denise Kulikowsky’s Journey to CPO

Denise Kulikowsky’s path to CPO at Tapestry wasn’t a traditional climb up the corporate ladder. It began with a deep desire to understand and support people – a passion evident in her undergraduate degree in Psychology and master’s in counseling. Her initial foray into social work laid the groundwork for empathy and human connection, skills […]

Faces of HR: From Venezuelan Roots to Global HR Leader—Maria Melendez Charts Her Course

Maria Melendez‘s path to human capital leadership is a testament to her unwavering dedication to fostering positive workplace dynamics. Originally from Venezuela, her journey began with a local food company, where she discovered her passion for HR while gaining foundational skills. This early exposure to union challenges sparked her interest in the complexities of employee […]

Faces of HR: Darcy Mackay—From Business Leader to Champion of People

Darcy Mackay’s path to HR leadership isn’t your typical climb up the corporate ladder. Instead, her journey began in the bustling world of business operations, where she honed her leadership skills at the helm of large global teams. This experience, coupled with a keen eye for talent and a passion for empowering people, ultimately led […]

Faces of HR: Britta Mühlenberg—Building Bridges Between People and Potential

Britta Mühlenberg, COO at Acrolinx, isn’t your typical HR leader. Her path to the C-suite started not with textbooks but with a deep-seated desire to connect with people on a global scale. This wanderlust, coupled with a fascination with human behavior, led her to an unexpected first step: the world of hospitality. “University confirmed my […]

Faces of HR: How Nicole Dawson Built a Trendsetting Workplace at BAL

In the fast-paced world of immigration law, where navigating complex legalities is par for the course, Nicole Dawson, Chief People and Culture Officer at BAL, isn’t just building a team; she’s crafting a culture. With a career spanning nearly two decades, her journey from recruiter to HR leader is a testament to her passion for […]

Faces of HR: Heidi Burton in Harmony with Growth at Stinson LLP

Heidi Burton isn’t your average HR leader. She’s a strategist, a sculptor of talent, and the mastermind behind Stinson LLP‘s thriving HR landscape. As chief HR officer, she works together with firm leadership to identify the needs that fuel growth. But her vision extends far beyond simply filling roles. Her mission? To cultivate a culture […]