How Supportive Benefits Can Help Reduce Turnover

Employee retention will continue to be a hot topic as move forward in 2023. Although the workplace continues to churn out new buzzwords – from the Great Resignation to the Great Regret, Quiet Quitting, and now the Great Breakup – attracting and retaining talent has never been more important. One way to retain and attract […]

Jacinda Ardern’s Resignation: A Lesson in Burnout Prevention

Recent news of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s resignation due to burnout is a shock to many, showing that even those at the top of an organization are not immune to the effects of exhaustion and long hours. This news should serve as a reminder that burnout prevention is essential for people in all […]

Quiet Hiring’s Nothing to Worry About — and Nothing New

Labor market buzzwords have filled the last few years of HR headlines, from “The Great Resignation” during the height of the pandemic to the trends that followed: boomerang employees, quiet quitting and the latest clickable term, quiet hiring. While they’ve populated headlines to spark shock in the HR community and the talent pool, these buzzy […]

Faces of HR: Elizabeth Chrane on Evolving the Purpose of HR, Culture Champions & Total Wellbeing

Over the course of Elizabeth Chrane’s nearly three-decade career, she’s spent most of it serving in Marketing and Communications in the financial services industry. Like other professionals who accidentally found themselves in HR, it wasn’t until 15 years ago that Chrane found herself in the same boat. At the time, she joined OneDigital – an […]

5 Tips for Leading with A People-First Approach That Can Transform Your Business

The last few years have been tough — we’ve all been through a lot. However, while our realities and expectations have greatly shifted, both personally and professionally, it’s afforded many of us a refreshed definition of what is most important. In turn, this has also created renewed perspective on how we, as individuals, would like […]

The Basics of Technology Competency for Employees

As technology continues to become more integrated into everyday life and work, companies are increasingly looking for employees who have a basic level of technology competency. This means that they understand how to use the tools they need in order to get their work done, as well as have an understanding of the underlying technology […]

CHROs Are Key to Unlocking Growth and Reinvention

As businesses navigate disruption and change, CEOs face pressure to find new ways to drive growth. Tight labor markets and talent shortages continue while high skill gaps still make it more difficult for organizations to find skilled workers, thus prompting leaders to accelerate their efforts and find new paths to growth. Eighty-nine percent of CEOs […]

Turnoffs: Factors Impacting Employees to Decline Job Offers or Leave Organizations

Despite some high-profile tech layoffs, businesses around the country continue to struggle with high rates of employee attrition and lackluster recruitment efforts. Understanding the drivers of this trend may help employers identify strategies for getting ahead of it and keeping employees—especially top talent—on board. We reached out to business owners and hiring and retention experts […]

Navigating California’s New Pay Data Reporting and Pay Transparency Law

California has taken a bold step towards pay equality and fairness with the recent implementation of Senate Bill 1162. This dynamic piece of legislation, which has been dubbed a victory for employees, is set to shake up the employment landscape and address the long-standing issue of wage disparity and unequal pay. However, this new bill […]

4 Ways Employee Culture Can Affect Your Bottom Line

An employee culture can seem like an immeasurable concept. Sure, every manager wants their employees to be happy at work…but is it really worth pouring time and resources into if you aren’t sure of your return on investment? But employee culture does, in fact, affect your bottom line. It actually impacts it quite a bit […]