Trump Campaign Case Offers Lesson on Value of Carefully Written Employment Contracts

A recent New York trial court decision demonstrates the importance of carefully drafting employment contracts. In the high-profile case, Judge Arlene P. Bluth sided with the employee in rejecting the employer’s attempt to force an employment claim into arbitration. On the surface, the case is notable because the defending party was the Trump for President […]

What Business Etiquette Training Should Teach Your Future Leaders

Some nuances of business etiquette may have changed over the past few decades. But it’s still very important to cover, and especially with your organization’s future leaders. Here are a few things you’ll want to make sure your business etiquette training materials cover, especially for those employees who are essentially becoming the face of your […]

Why You Should Ensure Your Employers Are Getting Enough Sleep

Research shows that two-thirds of adults sleep below the recommended 7–8 hours per night, losing 41 minutes of sleep, on average, per weeknight[i]. Often, this can be because of the burden of overworking or general job-related worries, and when the weekend arrives, workers are 5 hours behind the amount of sleep needed in order to […]

A Benefits Professional’s Guide to Juggling the Demands on Time

Benefits professionals are currently feeling pressure from all angles, required to keep a tight rein on costs, achieve consistent global governance and faultless administration, while demonstrating strategic value. Even though an organization’s investment in benefits is often substantial, usually second only to pay, the benefits function is often seen as secondary to the overall HR […]

Are Your Employees Tired at Work? New Research Says Yes

New research from Accountemps shows that as many as 74% of employees reported being tired on the job somewhat often. The potential impact of such fatigue on productivity and decision making makes this an important matter for any HR professional to try to tackle.