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It’s hard to talk HR at all today without talking HR Technology. From your ATS to your HRIS we’ve got all of your tech acronyms covered in this category.

3 Ways to Leverage Your People Data in 2019

Intuition—a mental “shortcut”—is the result of two hardwired processes (pattern recognition and emotional tagging), which frequently lead to cognitive errors. As a result of “going with your gut,” even the best, most experienced business leaders can make poor judgment calls about individuals.

The Future of Work Is All ‘Talk’

Consumers today are hot on conversational artificial intelligence (AI), whether they’re shopping online via mobile-based digital assistants (e.g., Siri or The Google Assistant) or tapping their smart speaker (e.g., the Amazon Echo or Google Home) for flight updates, travel tips, and local weather information for their travel destinations.

Researcher Finds Anonymous Social Network Blind Leaking Data

Thousands of employees that didn’t want to take their workplace problems to HR have turned to technology to air their grievances, like that provided by the anonymous social network Blind. Blind is an app-based platform that lets employees from the same company anonymously connect with co-workers to discuss problems at their workplace without fear of […]

How Businesses Can Manage Security Risks from Social Media

Emerging as a key source for online criminals to interject malicious attacks, social media continues to grow and command larger audiences from a diverse group of individuals and businesses. Lurking in the background, scammers are taking advantage of unsuspecting victims in the social media space.

How Your HR Department Can Develop an Ethical Stance on AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace is rapidly progressing from fantasy to a pervasive reality impacting the entire employee journey, from hire to retire. It’s an exciting time for our industry, with great opportunities ahead. However, I also believe that our industry should not breathlessly rush to deploy ever more powerful yet poorly understood capabilities […]

How AI Supports Workforce Modernization and Standardization Initiatives

The inclusion of artificial intelligence in workforce modernization creates a reality where organizations are tracking their workforce’s actions with greater accuracy and detail. How valuable are these efforts? How do improvements in tracking impact the employee?  Today we are joined by Lakshmi Raj, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Replicon, a software company providing cloud time tracking […]

Workplace Digital Transformation: How HR Professionals Can Juggle the Many Tools Available to Them

Today’s organizations are embracing digital tools and applications more than ever, and at the same time workers can be overwhelmed with the breadth of options to execute the day-to-day requirements associated with their roles. Jumping from one platform where collaboration is taking place to another where knowledge assets are hosted, does not make for an […]

How Advancements in Technology Are Impacting HR

Technology is changing industries across the globe. From the use of basic-level robotics to virtual reality (VR) headsets, the amount of technology that humans experience is constantly increasing—even on a daily basis. And the human resources (HR) industry is no different. With obvious benefits such as automated workflows and streamlined processes, it may come as […]