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Recruiting & Talent Acquisition: Taking Storm in 2024

The work and hiring landscape is rapidly changing. Are you keeping up? With the help of our sponsors, we created this brand new eBook to help you pave the way through your recruiting & talent acquisition path in 2024. We’ll discuss: How to manage a high-volume recruiting campaign Leading talent acquisition trends for 2024 How […]

How Task Automation and Employee Self-Service Are Reshaping the HR Experience

In our “HR Task Automation and Employee Self-Service” survey conducted in mid-2023, we collected responses from 831 HR professionals about the significant role of technology in their industry. The findings highlight that certain HR tech tools assist teams in transitioning to more automated work processes while enabling employees to have more autonomy in their employment […]

Too Much Tech: How Cognitive Overload Harms Employee Engagement

Whether at work or home, today’s technology is ready to simplify our experience. Consider the smartphone: Talking and texting represent the bare minimum of what it allows us to do. Combined, Google Play and Apple’s App Store host nearly 6 million apps to help us accomplish everything from learning a new language to reminding us […]

HR and Compliance Trends for 2024 and Beyond

When it comes to HR and workplace compliance trends, good things don’t happen to those who wait. HR pros have to take a proactive step forward to help their organizations succeed in 2024 and beyond. But with so many concepts and a wave of new employment laws, building your strategy can seem daunting. Luckily, you […]

How to Elevate Your Success With an Effective and Customized Learning Strategy

Employees want more than just a job. They want a chance to grow in their careers. Businesses can’t deliver on this expectation without a solid training strategy. On top of this, even a fantastic upskilling and reskilling program could fail if it’s delivered via outdated, desktop-only means. The right learning management system, sometimes called learning […]

Your ROI Depends on Employee HR Tech Usage

Businesses don’t get far — or anywhere at all — without the support of their employees. But optimizing and streamlining operations isn’t just about having exceptional people. Top talent also needs to use the right HR tech. Think about it. Even today, some unlucky employees have to slog through outdated software while HR painfully manages […]

Future-Proofing Your Workforce With Performance Reviews

Leaders aren’t born — they’re developed. And in the professional world, development requires deliberate, pointed guidance. If your employees aren’t given a clear expectation about how they should develop, they’re left with no avenue to invest their potential back into your business. This risks disengagement and even turnover if an employee believes they’re stagnant in […]

3 Ways Your Company is Losing Profits to Your HCM

It’s easy: You bought your HR and payroll system — or systems, plural — to boost efficiency, keep more people, protect your bottom line and, ultimately, allow your business to grow with confidence. And significant savings don’t come from making a preexisting process a little faster. Every manual task has an implicit cost if someone’s […]

The Total Economic Impact™ of Paycom

The Total Economic Impact™ of Paycom A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Paycom revealed how Paycom tech benefited a composite organization representative of interviewed customers. In the study, Paycom’s single HR software featuring Beti®, an industry-first payroll solution that empowers employees to do their own payroll: reduced time spent correcting payroll […]