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Insider Report: Recruiting in the Age of Gen-Z

Gen-Z has officially started to infiltrate the American workforce. In this special 12-page Insider Report, we dive head first into how to expertly attract, engage, and retain the most technologically advanced generation yet and the unique values they’re looking for in their next employer.

The Essential Guide to Employee Engagement

In this special Insider Report, we’re diving head first into best practices behind supercharging employee engagement to positively impact your bottom line by reducing turnover and boosting productivity-outlining both short-and-long-term strategies for increasing engagement and maintaining it at a high level.

The Definitive Employee Handbook Checklist

The employee handbook: It sounds so routine, like something that’s been around forever and just needs a quick and easy update every year or so, a task that an HR professional like yourself can handle with ease. But considering the rapidly changing legal landscape and the ever-growing number of ways for employers to find themselves […]

5 Reasonable Accommodation Pitfalls to Avoid in California

While most employers in California are aware they have a duty to accommodate the disabilities of qualified individuals, many struggle with the specifics of when an accommodation is required and how the accommodation process should work from a legal perspective.

10 Tips to Make Telecommuting Effective for Your Business

Did you know that 60% of companies currently offer some type of telecommuting benefit to their employees?  And that 1/3 of employees report that they’d be willing to take a pay in exchange for telecommuting benefits? Whether you already have a telecommuting program in place or you’re considering offering any form of an off-site benefit […]

Protecting Women in the California Workplace

Homicide is a leading cause of work-related death for women, second only to roadway incidents.  The statistics surrounding workplace violence and women are staggering, and as an employer in California, it is your legal responsibility to protect your employees. In 2014, Senate Bill 400 went into effect, prohibiting California employers from firing or discriminating against […]

With Worksite Enforcement Increasing, I-9 Compliance Is Essential

HR departments can expect to see the number of worksite enforcement investigations skyrocket in 2018 given the U.S. government’s renewed focus on immigration. This makes Form I-9 compliance essential for companies looking to avoid the headaches and fines that can accompany an I-9 inspection. While most HR professionals understand the importance of I-9 compliance, many […]