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EntertainHR: Michigan’s Miscue—Is Your Company Ready for a Social Media Scandal?  

Only a few days after being hired by the University of Michigan’s football program as the assistant director of football recruiting, Glenn Schembechler (son of longtime Michigan head coach Bo Schembechler) resigned after his questionable social media activity came to light. According to The Detroit News, a review of Schembechler’s Twitter timeline showed he had […]

Emerging Analysis Sheds Light on Effectiveness of Pay Transparency Laws

Income inequality is one of the most impactful and persistent sources of broader inequality in the United States, with women, Hispanics, and African Americans earning considerably less than white and Asian men. To address this problem, jurisdictions around the country have turned to pay transparency laws, which require employers to share pay information with job […]

Valuing Multilingual Employees

Communication and connection are at the core of being human. Interacting with others and the world around us is critical not only for collaboration and progress but also for inclusion and belonging. It’s ironic, then, that something as universal as language can be so limiting. Language differences significantly impact people’s ability to connect with one […]

Hiring in a Neurodiverse World: Autism and the Science of Game-Based Assessments

Thirty-five percent of 18-year-olds with autism attend college, but a staggering 85% of college graduates with autism are underemployed or unemployed. Over 1 million people with autism in the United States will reach adulthood in the next decade, most of whom will be searching for work. Hiring processes consistently overlook autistic candidates, favoring neurotypical candidates […]

Examining the Effects of the Wage Gap on Women in the Workplace 

Research indicates that after having children, the wage gap between men and women expands substantially. This is largely due to more mothers opting for part-time jobs like child care or other family responsibilities over higher-paying full-time roles. Unfortunately, this perpetuates a cycle of gender inequality in the workplace, hindering female workers from achieving their potential […]

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A Proud HR Community: Happy Pride 2023!

June marks the beginning of Pride, a month long celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, its history, and the fight for equal rights. Many of 2023’s Pride events are themed: D.C.’s “Peace, Love Revolution,” L.A.’s “All Out With Pride,” and N.Y.C.’s “Strength in Solidarity.” “Pride is a joyful celebration of all of the beautiful identities of […]

4 Tips for Closing Job Candidates

Although the hiring market is beginning to tiptoe back from the edge of chaos, depending on your industry, it’s still an applicant’s market. Closing job candidates becomes a priority when a position has been open for a while. It takes time and money to find great candidates and get them in for an interview, but […]

Faces of HR Feature: AI’s Impact on HR

HR Technology Week is well underway here at HR Daily Advisor and it doesn’t stop with this week’s Faces column. Technology is driving the HR market right now, allowing HR professionals and organizations to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently than ever before. From cloud-based HR management systems to machine learning and data analytics, HR […]

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HR Works Podcast: Moving Your DEI Culture from Awareness to Strategy

Guest: Larry Nelson-Guillen, Senior Talent Management Product Manager at American Family Insurance What are some best practices for HR teams to support and fortify their DEI culture, and avoid backtracking during challenging times? In the latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, we are joined by Larry Nelson-Guillen, an experienced DEI practitioner and Senior Talent […]

HR Works Presents A Seat at the Table: Implementing a Preferred Name at Work

This episode of A Seat at the Table is not only featured as part of HRDA’s HR Diversity week but it also celebrates Pride Month, which recognizes the impact that LGBTQ+ individuals have had on the world. This is the perfect time for HR leaders and organizations to assess their company’s DEI efforts. One of […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: LGBTQ+ at Work, a History

This week’s episode of HR Work Break kicks off Pride Month with a special episode. 46% of LGBTQ+ workers have experienced unfair treatment at work at some point in their lives. In light of events both past and present, we’ll dive into the history of the US’s protections of LGBTQ+ workers. Tune in as we […]



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