HR Works Podcast 5-Minute Friday: Your Truth, My Truth, and The Truth

Guest: Jignasha Amin Grooms, Chief Human Resources Officer, Epicor Software As an HR professional, you are often called up to learn the truth. These can be high-stakes scenarios like workplace investigations, but also when it comes to basic employee relations. But what is the truth? Today’s HR Works 5-Minute Friday guest says there is your […]

HR Works Podcast: Hispanic Recruiting Trends

Guest: Jacob Monty, Partner & Founder, Monty & Ramirez LLP and Host, Human Recursos podcast As part of the HR Daily Advisor’s Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Week. I am pleased to release this HR Works Podcast episode discussing the hiring landscape involving organizations with large Hispanic workforces. Specifically, we’ll discuss recruiting surrounding organizations with Hispanic […]

HR Works Podcast 5-Minute Friday: More Great Interview Questions

Guest: Vicki Salemi, Career Expert, Monster In this episode, learn about more great hiring questions as well as what happened to the so-called great rehiring from Monster Career Expert Vicki Salemi. Starting next Monday, June 14th, we at the HR Daily Advisor’s will be conducting our Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Week. We will be offering […]

HR Works Podcast: AWS on How to Train 29 Million

A recent McKinsey report found that 100 million workers across the globe will need to find new jobs by 2030. That comes to about 17 million Americans that will be transitioning to a new career. However, an Amazon-commissioned Accenture report found that 33 million low-income Americans could be upskilled for emerging jobs with the right […]

HR Works Podcast 5-Minute Friday: Best Interview Questions

Guest: Jessie LaJoie, People Operations Lead, Doodle What are the best interview questions? Any that get at the heart of who a candidate really is would qualify. But what about the worst? We get into both in today’s episode with Jessie LaJoie, People Operations Lead, Doodle. If you enjoy this episode, please consider checking in […]

HR Works Podcast: The Dangers of Misunderstanding Burnout

Guest: Dr. Kamila Sip, Senior Director of Neuroscience Research & Science Content Lead, NeuroLeadership Institute Burnout. We’ve all experienced it, and it’s been talked about a lot over the last year. Unfortunately, it is often misunderstood or overlooked. Meanwhile, talking about it is only the beginning of what we can do to address the issue. […]

HR Works Podcast 5-Minute Friday: Boards Need HR Members Now

Guest: Naveen Bhateja, CHRO, Medidata Solutions Inc. Welcome back to HR Works Podcast’s 5-Minute Fridays. Today I am happy to share a few minutes of my recent interview with Naveen Bhateja, CHRO at Medidata Solutions as well as an HR tech advisor, investor, and board director. In this episode, we discuss why HR really should […]

HR Works Podcast: Why You Should Hire the Formerly Incarcerated

Guests: Harley Blakeman, Founder & CEO, Honest Jobs and Arthur Yamamoto, VP of Talent, Checkr, Inc. According to the World Prison Brief at, the United States has the largest prison population in the world and the highest per capita incarceration rate. While we could discuss the ethics of such a system, today I’d rather […]

HR Works 5-Minute Friday: This HR Professional Likes Change

Guest: Carol Mackinlay, Chief People Officer, UserTesting If you are like me, you probably don’t like change. It’s an instinct for survival to keep on doing what works. Human Resources and that instinct are not particularly compatible. Change is the bread and butter of any HR role, and while that may put some like me […]

HR Works Video: Verizon Supporting Women – Part 2

Guest: Samantha Hammock, SVP, Global Talent, Verizon Last week I shared my first interview with people from Verizon to discuss their efforts to support professional women. This week I am pleased to release part two of that interview. Samantha Hammock, SVP, Global Talent, Verizon. Samantha, along with her peer Aimee Novak, also helped create Verizon’s […]