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HR Works Video: Verizon Supporting Women – Part 2

Guest: Samantha Hammock, SVP, Global Talent, Verizon Last week I shared my first interview with people from Verizon to discuss their efforts to support professional women. This week I am pleased to release part two of that interview. Samantha Hammock, SVP, Global Talent, Verizon. Samantha, along with her peer Aimee Novak, also helped create Verizon’s […]

HR Works Video: Verizon Supporting Women – Part 1

Guest: Aimee Novak, Vice President of Business Sales at Verizon As women continue to leave the workplace in record numbers, it is more important than ever for organizations to get a handle on the situation and do whatever they can to help. Today we are pleased to release the first of a two-part video interview […]

HR Works Podcast: Working Mothers in Crisis

In this episode, we will be taking a hard look at how mothers in particular fared over the last year, the impact that the pandemic had on them, and how employers better position themselves to support mothers and create a place for them in the next normal. The issue will be discussed from an HR […]

Maintaining, or Refining, Company Culture During and After the Pandemic

A company’s “culture” is a complex concept. Company culture is undeniably important to any business, but it’s difficult to come up with a concise definition. It’s even harder to effectively and consciously steer that culture in one direction or another, especially during a pandemic. Defining Company Culture Indeed provides the following definition of company, or […]

Women’s Equality Day: A Special Interview

Today is Women’s Equality Day, and we at the HR Daily Advisor wanted to show our support by talking to someone who directly supports women’s equality. In this video, Editor Jim Davis speaks with Senior Human Resource Analyst at The Kraft Heinz Company, Shannon Callahan about the company’s ever-expanding employee resource group for women.

Talking the CEO’s Language (Video)

In this short video from BLR’s Advanced Employment Issues Symposium (AEIS), BLR’s Dan Oswald shares his perspective as a CEO on how to talk the C-suite language. “CEO’s talk the language of numbers.” – Dan Oswald, BLR CEO While his presentation is geared towards HR professionals, his advice resonates across professions.

Video: ‘On-Call’ and ‘Show-Up’ Pay Issues Create Backlash of Legislation & Litigation

Variable work scheduling practices such as call-in shifts and on-call arrangements create some gray areas in terms of what is considered “work” time that therefore needs to be compensated.  As a result of these gray areas, as well as complaints from employees who have variable work schedules, various pieces of legislation have been introduced—and litigation […]

‘On-Call’ and ‘Call-In’ Work Schedules: Advantages and Disadvantages for Employers (Video)

What are the benefits for employers for instituting variable work schedules for their employees such as call-in shifts and on-call status?  How do these schedules work?  Who uses them?  And why have some major employers recently abandoned such practices? Speaking to an audience of HR professionals and employers at BLR’s Advanced Employment Law Symposium (AEIS), […]

Video: How to Avoid the Dangerous Practice of ‘Make Up’ FMLA Leave

As an employment law attorney who specializes in FMLA, Stacie Caraway of Miller & Martin PLLC has heard from many well-meaning employers who want to help out their employees (who may claim, for example, that taking FMLA creates a financial hardship) by allowing them to ‘make up’  time they take for FMLA leave.  The one […]

Video: FMLA Eligibility Mistakes Can Be a Landmine for Employers

As HR professionals know, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave is one of the most confusing and complex areas of employment law.  There are many aspects of leave management that can be legal landmines for employers who don’t administer leave or communicate their policies effectively. Speaking to an audience of employers and HR […]