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HRDA Shorts: What Does an Inclusive Fertility Benefits Package Look Like?

For many employees, fertility benefits are no longer a nice-to-have—they’re a must-have benefit. To stay ahead in efforts to attract and retain talent, companies must offer inclusive support and options. So what does an inclusive fertility benefits package look like? Tara Travieso, Consultant Relations Executive at Carrot Fertility, answers this question. For more in-depth DEI best […]

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HRDA Shorts: What Are Recruiters Missing Out On If They Aren’t Utilizing Social Media?

Social media has become a key part of relationships, culture, and even the working world. In fact, 92% of companies use social media to attract and hire top talent So, what are hiring managers missing out on if it’s not part of their strategy? In this week’s HRDA Shorts, Mark Hager (Senior Recruiter of Financial […]

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HRDA Shorts: What Are the Best Ways to Attract Gen Z Candidates?

As we enter graduation season, many employers are preparing to hire young talent. With Gen Z expected to make up 27% of the workforce by 2025, recruiters need to update their hiring strategies for the latest generation of workers. In this week’s HRDA Shorts episode, Nikao Hill, Head of Sourcing at Talent United, discusses how […]

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HRDA Shorts: How Can IT & HR Work Together to Foster a Culture of Cybersecurity?

In the world of remote and hybrid work, businesses are on guard against cybersecurity risks. In fact, 44% of companies say that cyber incidents as their biggest concern. Now more than ever, it’s essential that IT and HR teams work together to ensure their workers are protected from cyberattacks. Listen to this week’s episode of […]

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HRDA Shorts: How Do You Build Company Culture in a Remote Environment?

“Ultimately when we’re remote, we have to add some intention to set up ways to create collisions,” says Michael “Batman” Cohen, Founder of Wayne Technologies Inc. These “collisions,” or opportunities to interact with coworkers are essential to the workplace. Gartner research shows better communication and collaboration can increase productivity by 25-35%. Listen in to this week’s […]

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HRDA Shorts: How Can You Build and Maintain an Inclusive Culture?

87% of workers indicate that their manager contributes to setting their work team environment. The absence of a strong supervisor directly impacts company culture. “Even in the remote or hybrid environment, we need to be visible and accessible as leaders,” Tiffany Castagno (Founder & CEO of CEPHR LLC) advises. Listen in to this week’s HRDA […]

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HRDA Shorts: What’s One Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Company Culture in 2023?

Healthy company culture is key to the success of an organization. Listen in to this week’s HRDA Shorts as Jason Treu (Chief People Officer at Unstoppable Workplaces) and Michael “Batman” Cohen (Founder of Wayne Technologies Inc) discuss how to revitalize your company culture in 2023.

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HRDA Shorts: How Can You Implement Systemic Rewards Without Adding Complexity?

If you’re an HR leader looking to implement an employee reward system, this week’s HRDA Shorts is for you. Listen in as Alexandra Powell, Director of Client Cultural Insights at Gateway Reward, discusses how organizations can talk about and implement systemic rewards without adding complexity. If you’re a sports fan, you’re in for a treat. […]

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HRDA Shorts: Is My Organization a Naval Ship in the Making?

On this week’s episode of HRDA Shorts, we hear from Laura Putnam, CEO and Founder of Motion Infusion and creator of Managers on the Move, a leading well-being provider. Listen as she explains why the real question every organization should ask themselves is, “Is my organization a naval ship in the making?” According to Putnam, […]

HRDA Shorts: What Role Does L&D Play in Building Company Culture?

On this week’s episode of HRDA Shorts, we hear from Michelle Bush, Ph.D., Head of Consulting at Vaya Group.  Listen as she explains why a dedicated learning & development program can be an organization’s key to building a successful corporate culture.