HR Works Podcast: Accelerating Board Diversity

In episode 163 of HR Works Podcast, we talk about diversity at the C-Suite level and the role human resource professionals play in it. Today’s guest is Fiona Hathorn, CEO of Women on Boards UK, which exists to supports its 30,000 members into the boardroom. Hathorn is an expert in the areas of Governance, Regulation and […]

HR Works Podcast: ADHD Isn’t a Knowledge Problem, It’s a Performance Problem

  According to experts, the number of adults with ADHD is between 4% and 5%. Although we can’t say for sure if those numbers are among the workforce, it is likely you have employees with ADHD – and if you don’t, you will. ADHD is one of those things that is vastly misunderstood and poorly […]

Pages of HR Podcast: Tapping Talent Beyond Best Practices (Episode 2)

In our second episode of Pages of HR, Annissa Deshpande, Principal of loglab, LLC, talks about her new modern HR novel, The Comeback. CEOs, entrepreneurs, and HR professionals will enjoy this fast-paced fictional adventure through the fundamentals of modern HR. Annissa Deshpande, is a former HR executive of a Fortune 500 where she oversaw the […]

HR Works Podcast: Selecting for Softskills in a Remote World

Guest: Annie Lin, VP of People, Lever Evaluating soft skills has always been a challenge, and that challenge only increased with the move towards remote interviews, onboarding, and work. What has been lost since the transition to remote hiring and onboarding? What has been gained? Today I am going to talk about this with my […]

HR Works Podcast 5-Minute Friday: Understanding Change Fatigue and Supporting Mental Wellness

Guest: Brenda Smith, Workplace Possibilities Director, The Standard Mental health was a serious issue even before the pandemic in the United States, and the effects of the pandemic on mental health have only begun to be felt. Some attribute at least part of the great resignation to mental health challenges, and that is just a […]

Canon’s Philosophy: Working Together in Harmony for the Common Good

This special episode is a “Faces of HR” interview that I conducted with Scott Millar, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Corporate HR/Audit, Ethics & Business Consultation at Canon USA & Canon Solutions America. With a title like that, as you can imagine, Scott has a lot to say about the state of HR today. […]

Retention Roundup Video Series: Successful Retention Via Company Culture (Episode 3)

The HR Daily Advisor in partnership with the Work Institute is pleased to return to our new video series: Retention Roundup. In this episode, we explore how great retention comes with overtures towards a great company culture of retention. Check back each week for another episode. The host of these videos is the Work Institute’s […]

HR Works Podcast: Strong Candidates Among the Disabled

Guest: Carolyn Cannistraro, Account Relationship Manager, Wells Fargo According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the current unemployment rate for persons with a disability is 12.6% compared with the total unemployment rate of 5.4%. False myths about people with disabilities often lead to their termination before other employees, as evidenced by the 1 million […]

HR Works 5-Minute Friday: Converging Factors Created Great Resignation

Guest: Bill Armstrong, President, Gava Talent Solutions A convergence of factors has aligned to create record-breaking turnover over the last few months, a trend that does not seem to be backing off anytime soon. In fact, The BLS has shown a very high voluntary quit rate for the last four months. In July it was […]

Retention Roundup Video Series: #1 Reason Employees Leave (Episode 2)

The HR Daily Advisor, in partnership with the Work Institute, is pleased to return to our new video series: Retention Roundup. In this episode, we explore the number one reason employees leave their jobs, and it’s not because of their managers or their pay. Check back each week for another episode. The host of these […]