HR Works Podcast: Busting Remote Workforce Myths

Guest: Kelly Scheib, Chief People Officer at Crunchbase Can company culture still be built and clearly defined with a fully remote workforce? Are employees less productive when they are not in a shared office space together? In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, we are joined by Kelly Scheib, Chief People Officer at Crunchbase, to […]

HR Work Break Podcast: The Road to True Inclusivity

Guests: Melissa Danielsen, CEO and Cofounder of Joshin About 90% of companies have DEI initiatives, but only about 4% of those programs include disability, which vastly under represents that portion of the workforce. In fact, 15-20% of the US population identify as neurodivergent or disabled. What can employers do to better support their disabled and […]

HR Work Break Presents: Today’s Top 5 HR Buzzwords Infographic Part 3

Are you up to date on HR’s latest lingo? In addition to this week’s episode, HR Work Break again takes a look into trending phrases in the HR space. And, be sure to check out Josh Zygmont’s episode of HR Works on the first buzz word, achievement intelligence. Check out this infographic to learn more! […]

HRDA shorts

HRDA Shorts: Should HR Leaders Change Their Screening Policies Based on a Change to Law or Regulation?

With 52% of recruiters citing that improving the quality of hires is a top priority, the screening process is an important first step in determining a candidate’s fit for a company. Background checks and screening processes are complicated, especially in regards to compliance. Raanon Gal, Partner at Barnes & Thornburg LLP, shares best practices for […]

HR Works Presents Pages of HR: 7 Keys to Creating an Irresistible Organization

In the latest episode of Pages of HR, I’m joined by Josh Bersin, author, global HR research analyst, and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company. Listen in as we discuss his new book, Irresistible: The Seven Secrets of the World’s Most Enduring, Employee-Focused Organizations. This HR management book is a leader’s handbook for today’s unpredictable […]

HR Works Podcast: Get Your Workforce PWFA-Ready! (Part 2) – Reasonable Accommodation

Guest: Paige Hoster Good, Attorney and Shareholder with McAfee & Taft What constitute as “reasonable accommodations” under the newly proposed Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) regulations? What steps are employers required to take when a qualified employee requests accommodation for a “known limitation” due to pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical condition? Our coverage around the […]

HR Work Break Podcast: The Future of Employee Benefits

Guests: Joshua Dunsby, PhD, Vice President ofClient Advocacy and Consultant Relations at One Medical; Gwen Gollmer, Executive Director of Total Rewards at Ally Financial Inc; and Sony Jean-Michelle Thornton, Senior Human Resources Business Partner at Columbia University’s Irving Medical Center Gallup found that 64% of employees ranked increased benefits and compensation as a key factor […]

HR Works Podcast: Leadership Communication is ‘Not One Size Fits All’

Guest: Neil Bryant, Vice President of Coaching and Leadership at Bluepoint Are all business leaders great communicators? Why is it important for organizations to focus on developing flexible communication skills are part of their leadership development initiatives? Listen as we examine the multiple lenses of leadership communication and the need for adaptive, unique methods to […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: The Benefits of Employee Recognition

Guests: Allison Ellison, CHRO of Avesis Only 19% of leaders list employee recognition as a priority, but when executed correctly, recognized employees are 4 times as likely to be actively engaged at work and 5 times as likely to feel connected to company culture. Allison Ellison, CHRO of Avesis, joins HR Work Break to discuss […]