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HRDA Shorts: What’s One Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Company Culture in 2023?

Healthy company culture is key to the success of an organization. Listen in to this week’s HRDA Shorts as Jason Treu (Chief People Officer at Unstoppable Workplaces) and Michael “Batman” Cohen (Founder of Wayne Technologies Inc) discuss how to revitalize your company culture in 2023.

HR Works Podcast: Can ChatGPT Be Your Next Great HR Tool?

Guest: Jesse Meschuk, Senior Advisor at Exequity Since the launch of ChatGPT in late 2022, the conversation around the potential use cases (and concerns) of generative AI tools has become a hot-button topic throughout the HR community. With the ability to process complex questions and generate human-quality responses almost instantly, could ChatGPT signal the end […]

HR Works Presents A Seat at the Table: Addressing and Overcoming Racially-Fueled Workplace Bullying

In the latest episode of “A Seat,” we discuss how organizations can address racially-fueled workplace bullying. A survey by Gallup last year found that workplace bullying disproportionately affects Black and Hispanic Americans. Key findings of this survey also found that: Workplace discrimination causes disengagement and undermines wellbeing; and Greater inclusivity starts with an awareness of […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: Recruit, Retain, and Record

Guests: Dr. Jo Webber, Founder and CEO of AtlasJobs Despite the lowest unemployment rate since 1969 (3.4 percent in January 2023), many still feel uncertain about today’s hiring market. Dr. Jo Webber, Founder and CEO of AtlasJobs, joins to discuss the state of recruiting. AtlasJobs is web and mobile talent acquisition app that enables companies to […]

HR Works Presents Pages of HR: Unraveling the Knot of DEI

It’s Black History Month and it’s the perfect time for HR leaders to assess their company’s DEI efforts. According to our guest today, it takes more to be an ally than adding a statement of inclusion to a website. DEI efforts must be embedded in the ground floor of an organization. I’m super excited to […]

HR Works Podcast: Using Data to Unlock Engagement

Guest: Adam Probolsky, President and Chief Data Scientist of US Employee Survey Why is employee data a must-have asset for organizations and their HR teams in 2023? In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, US Employee Survey’s Adam Problosky joins to discuss the impact data can have on workforce engagement and why surveys can […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: Business Growth Done Right

Guests: Chantel Rowe, Vice President of Product at Topia For HRDA’s HR Management & Compliance Week, I’m joined by Chantel Rowe, Vice President of Product at Topia. Topia is a talent mobility platform that enables organizations to deliver mobility as part of a broader talent strategy encompassing all types of employee movement. Despite economic uncertainty, […]

HRDA shorts

HRDA Shorts: How Can You Implement Systemic Rewards Without Adding Complexity?

If you’re an HR leader looking to implement an employee reward system, this week’s HRDA Shorts is for you. Listen in as Alexandra Powell, Director of Client Cultural Insights at Gateway Reward, discusses how organizations can talk about and implement systemic rewards without adding complexity. If you’re a sports fan, you’re in for a treat. […]

HR Works Podcast: How Soon is Too Soon for HR Due Diligence?

Guest: Erika Duncan and Aaron Olman, Human Capital Advisors and Co-founders at People on Point How early into the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process should organizations be including their HR teams?  Here’s a hint…it certainly shouldn’t be late in the game! In this week’s episode of the HR Works Podcast, we dig into the valuable […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: DEI Should Be Your Primary Objective

Guests: Sanja Licina, Ph.D., President at QuestionPro Workforce & Co-Host of the podcast Empowering Workplaces. I’m joined by Sanja Licina, Ph.D., President at QuestionPro Workforce & Co-Host of the podcast Empowering Workplaces. Question Pro is an online survey software provider that uses innovative technology to help its users generate the insights they need to make better […]