Which Recruiting Tool Should I Use?

As a recruiter, every spare second of your day counts, which is why you should be using tools and technology to help reduce the time you’re spending on mundane tasks. We asked recruiting expert Mike “Batman” Cohen, founder of Wayne Technologies and RecruitCon 2019 Nashville speaker and emcee, which tools he uses and how they […]

HR Works: Confronting and Overcoming Unconscious Bias

We all have unconscious biases. Without awareness and tools for confronting these biases, organizations will develop or extend major problems. The effects of such bias impact everything in an organization including recruiting and promotion decisions as well as heavily influencing company culture. This episode’s guest is an expert when it comes to confronting and eliminating […]

Infographic: The Most Difficult Skills to Find Among Finance Positions

The skills gap is putting many employers in a pickle when it comes to hiring top talent in all industries. One industry, in particular, is having extreme difficulty finding talent with business analytics skills. That industry is the finance industry, and the infographic below highlights other key skills these professionals need, but many are lacking. […]

HR Works: Are Your Company Culture Efforts Making an Impact?

Company culture is the name of the game in HR, but experts wonder how best to create that culture. Is it enough to just announce your mission objectives and print them on the wall? The guests for episode 93 of HR Works would argue that that does not go nearly far enough. They instead suggest […]


Women’s Equality in the Workplace Slideshow: Closing the Gender Pay Gap and Beyond

When the U.S. women’s national soccer team (WNT) won their 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup on July 7, the stadium erupted into a unified chant: “Equal pay!”  Earlier in the year, WNT players had filed a class-action lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation claiming unequal pay compared with the men’s team, despite more success on […]

Infographic: Recession Anxiety Grows Among Workers Despite Low Unemployment

As the unemployment rate continues to hover around 4%, one would assume that workers are feeling optimistic about remaining gainfully employed. However, new survey findings show that these feelings are the exact opposite of what you would expect in a tight labor market. According to a new study from social recruiting and on-demand outplacement firm, […]

HR Works: Mental Health Is a Hidden, Stigmatized, and Serious Problem

In this episode of HR Works, we discuss the very serious issue of mental health in the workplace. Mental health discussions have a tendency to focus on mental illness. While mental illness is certainly a critical concern of mental health, everyone is susceptible to poor mental wellness and HR managers need to address the concerns […]

HR Works: Great Leaders Generate Excellent Employee Engagement

Everyone knows how critical employee engagement is for the success of any organization. Despite awareness and vast amounts of money being spent on solving this problem, engagement rates are still low across the United States. Today’s guest is a CEO that has won Glassdoor’s Top CEO for multiple years, and the New York Times has […]