HR Works: COVID-19 Testing Realities, Limitations, and Plans for Employers

This episode strives to answer one important question: can COVID-19 testing play an effective role in bringing workers back to the workplace? New information and data about the disease are available every day and with it comes changes in best practices for keeping everyone safe. Meanwhile, many employers are bringing workers back to the workplace […]

HR Works: Supporting Single Mothers of Color

While the pandemic has influenced every worker in the United States, it has not done so evenly. Already there are serious differences between essential workers who stay on the front lines and those who were lucky enough to work from home. In short, the country is in total chaos. Some states are closing down for […]

HR Works: How HR and EHS Work Together During a Crisis

In this special episode of HR Works Podcast, my colleague Justin Scace from the EHS On Tap Podcast joins me to interview an EHS and an HR professional from one of the largest private companies in the United States: Koch Industries, Incorporated.

HR Works COVID-19 Update: Immigrants in the Pandemic

Between general travel restrictions, anti-immigrant travel restrictions, massive unemployment, closed businesses, and now the recently announced ban on certain foreign national visas, immigrant workers in the U.S. are undergoing particularly challenging times. They are not the only ones feeling the pain; employers of foreign national workers are also struggling. In this episode, we are pleased […]


HR Works: The Return to Work?

In this episode, I speak with a highly respected authority on the psychology of change about the return to work. Many have adjusted to the new realities presented by the coronavirus, and yet states and workplaces alike are reopening their doors. What does that mean for those of us who stayed home? What if we […]

HR Works: COVID-19 Update on Avoiding COVID Related Employee Lawsuits

Now more than months into the pandemic, we are starting to see the first COVID-related employee lawsuits. Last week we began to discuss which employee policies need to be updated or created to handle new legal challenges surrounding the coronavirus. For example, we recently saw a wrongful death and survival action for the coronavirus related […]