A Seat at the Table: DEIB Can’t Be a Second Thought

In the latest episode of A Seat at the Table, listen in as Shrina Sood, Associate Vice President of Talent Acquisition & DEIB Programs at Curriculum Associates, discusses the importance of giving others a seat at the table, what employees are expecting from employers, how accountability benefits everyone, the value of transparency, and so much […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: Pay Access in Today’s Automated World

Guests: Scott Relf, Chief Revenue Officer at Qrails In this episode of HR Work Break, I’m joined by Scott Relf, Chief Revenue Officer at Qrails. Qrails is a Cloud based, API-driven, and developer friendly payment platform that empowers employees and their families through innovative financial wellness solutions. Listen in as we discuss earned pay access […]

HR Works Showcase: The Era, Episode 1 – Grow from Good to Great

In our premiere of the HR Works Showcase series, we partnered with our friends at BambooHR to share their brand-new podcast series dedicated to the employee experience and the journey organizations are taking as they enter the workplace’s latest era – the Employee Experience Era. Appropriately titled, The Era, this three-part podcast series will take […]

HR Works Podcast: The Right Balance of Benefits in a Tight Labor Market

Guests: Holly Severance (Health & Wellbeing Manager) and Erica Phelps, RD (Health and Wellness Specialist) from Shape Corp., and Lauren Higgins (Managing Director of Client Success) from the EX Program by Truth Initiative. In today’s labor market, HR leaders are delicately balancing the need for a differentiated benefit offering to attract talent—and all done with […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: Recruiting, Retention, and Reflecting on the Last 2 Years

Guests: Chris Carver, Sourcer at Wayne Technologies Between COVID-19, remote and hybrid work, and the Great Resignation, employers must constantly update their business strategies. Talent acquisition efforts, in particular, have seen unprecedented changes. Virtual hiring, retention rates, and employee needs are at the forefront of every HR professional’s mind. Chris Carver, Sourcer at Wayne Technologies, […]

Pages of HR: The Talent Fix

In the latest episode of Pages of HR, I’m joined by Tim Sackett, President of HRU Technical Resources, an IT and Engineering Staffing firm. Tim not only writes for Fistful of Talent and his popular HR blog The Tim Sackett Project, but also brings 20 years of Executive HR and Talent Acquisition experience working for Fortune 500 companies […]

HR Works Podcast: Recruiting a Global Workforce

Guest: Alison Long, Chief People Officer at Till Payments As the global workforce moves toward a more digitized and distributed approach, organizations are embracing newfound opportunities of expanding into new markets and building teams overseas. So what are some of the biggest challenges international organizations face when entering into new markets and building teams overseas? […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Every Level

Guests: Amy Hull, Director and Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Paycor Inc In this episode of HR Work Break I’m joined by Amy Hull, Director and Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Paycor Inc. Paycor helps leaders develop their people and build winning teams. Their human capital management software, customized industry solutions, […]

HR Works Podcast: How to Build a Successful Internship Program

Guest: Jeff Ostermann, Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer at Sweetwater What does it take to run a successful internship program that truly brings value to both the students and the business? How are expectations changing for internship programs and the newest group of young employees entering the workforce this summer? In this latest […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: 2022’s Unionization Trends

Guests: Charlie Plumb, attorney and shareholder at McAfee & Taft In the wake of COVID-19, employees are reassessing what they need from companies. As workers recognize their importance to employers, they in turn realize that they deserve fair benefits and compensation as well as a voice. As such, unions have grown in popularity. Companies like […]