HR Work Break: FTC’s Latest Noncompete Rule

Earlier this week, on April 23, the Federal Trade Commission voted to finalize a new rule to prohibit employers from enforcing noncompetes against workers. What does this mean for employers, workers, and future labor laws? Check out our latest podcast episode to learn more! Remember, you can always follow us on Twitter at @HRWorksPodcast, and we […]

HR Works Podcast: Why Business Acumen is HR’s Superpower

Guest: Darcy Mackay, SVP of HR and Client Services at Rippling The latest episode of HR Works is all about superpowers. Although we’re not discussing any of your favorite Marvel characters, we are highlighting our favorite heroes here at HR Daily Advisor: people leaders. So, how can people leaders tap into what Darcy Mackay, SVP […]

HR Work Break: What’s In Store for the NLRB’s Final Independent Contractor Rule?

A district court in Texas invalidated the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) latest independent contractor rule, restoring the Board’s 2020 rule. Let’s investigate what employers must know about the overturn 2024 rule, the current 2020 rule, and what this means for the future. Remember, you can always follow us on Twitter at @HRWorksPodcast, and we are […]

HRDA shorts

HRDA Shorts: What Is a Challenge That Organizations Face in Establishing Pay Equity?

Pay equity is the concept of compensating employees who have similar job functions with comparably equal pay, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity or other status. While equal pay is morally and socially responsible, there are still countless challenges in making the practice a reality. Sarah Deveraux, Leadership Coach and Advisor at Third Coast Coaching […]

HR Works Podcast: Demystifying Compensation & Achieving Pay Equity

Guest: Sarah Deveraux, Leadership Coach & Strategic Advisor with Third Coast Coaching and White Pine Leadership Collective In the latest episode of HR Works, we break down the complexities of compensation and pay equity to help your organization achieve true compensation fairness. Sarah Deveraux, leadership coach and advisor at Third Coast Consulting and HCI facilitator, […]

4 Ways to Foster Employee Loyalty and Retention Infographic

A recent Gallup survey found that 48% of employees have an eye out for a new opportunity or are actively seeking a new job. Unfortunately, according to the Work Institute’s 2023 Retention Report, it’s a costly process to hire a new worker; replacing an employee can cost as much as 33% of their salary. While focusing […]

HR Work Break: Trends, Technology, and the Future of Hiring

Guests: Daniele Bologna, PhD, HR Senior Director at Proctor & Gamble, and Whiteny Wilber, Global Head of Employer Brand at BNY Mellon 56% of applicants say that they would discourage others from applying to a company based on a bad recruiting experience. In today’s market, businesses must invest in the candidate experience, technology, and the […]

HR Works Podcast: How AI Will Transform the Recruitment Sector

Guest: Krishna Shetty, Global Leader of Workforce Planning for IT giant NTT Data  Today we’re discussing two hot topics that continue to pick up steam in the world of work: AI and recruitment. I’m excited to have Krishna Shetty, Global Leader of Workforce Planning for IT giant NTT Data with me. Krishna works to source […]

HR Works Presents A Seat at the Table: Using Data-Driven Decision Making to Shape Your Organization

Today we’re discussing a hot topic in the world of HR: data analytics. According to my guest, actionable data-based insights are like digital gold for organizations looking to achieve their DEI goals, particularly when it is properly mined. Listen in as SurveyMonkey’s Chief Diversity and Social Impact Officer Antoine Andrews discusses the value of data, […]

HR Work Break Presents: Today’s Top 5 HR Buzzwords, HR Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

Are you up to date on HR’s latest lingo? Leading up to HRDA’s HR Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Week 2024, running April 8 – April 12, HR Work Break takes a look into important phrases and keywords in the recruiting space. Check out this infographic to learn more! Buzzwords Recruiting & Talent Acquisition by HCI […]