HR Works Podcast: Balancing Data with Decency in Layoffs and Return to Office (Part I)

The return to office battle continues as Dell recently announced that its fully remote employees will not be promoted. Dell cites that its policy change is to improve productivity. On the other side of this coin, the debate around layoff etiquette has begun to resurface. With policy changes like these, many are asking if in-person time really that important? And could this all be a ploy to push people out or will this inadvertently push top talent out? And if you are undergoing a workforce reduction, can you do it with empathy?

In part one of this two-part episode, Sam Naficy, CEO of Prodoscore, a leader in employee visibility and productivity intelligence software, discusses how to incentivize employees to return to office, the value of leveraging data to measure the success of a return to office policy and identifying areas for improvement, the importance of reimagining employee engagement and teams in a hybrid and remote environment, and more.