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A Look at Some Hard-Hit Job Functions

Amid all the talk about the Great Resignation and general labor market turmoil, it’s easy to forget that high labor demand is no longer applicable across all job functions and industry segments. Recruiters facing labor shortages in certain industries might want to consider expanding their search to include candidates from nontraditional backgrounds. Job Shortages May […]

How to Manage the Anxiety and Stress of Layoffs

Navigating the anxiety and stress of layoffs as a company is never an easy task. HR leaders need to tend to the needs of not only those who are being laid off but also those who will remain in their roles. At the Top Employers Institute, we certify companies that promote a culture of employee mental health and well-being. […]

Zoomers Putting in Long Hours

The stereotype that young people have less work ethic than their older colleagues isn’t new, but it also isn’t specific to Gen Z. This perception that younger generations have it easier or don’t work as hard likely dates back to prehistory. But, in the modern workplace, there’s strong evidence that stereotype is flat-out wrong. Generational […]

Quiet Quitting and Bare Minimum Mondays May Be Risky Business

What a difference a few months make! Starting in early 2021 and spurred by the emergence and rapid spread of COVID-19, piled on top of long-standing grievances, the Great Resignation peaked in mid-2022. While resignations have tapered off in 2023, workers’ leverage in the employment relationship didn’t immediately follow suit. The second half of 2022 […]

Employee Rights in Mass Layoffs

Mass layoffs have dominated the news cycle in the last several months. While many of these layoffs have impacted the tech sector, nontech employees aren’t immune. In light of this unfortunate trend, it’s critical that employers in all industries be aware of their employees’ rights in the event of a layoff. Selection for Layoff Employers […]

Resenteeism: What It Is and How to Handle It

It started in 2021 with the Great Resignation, when 47 million people quit their jobs. In the wake of such an exodus, many organizations faced unprecedented labor shortages that strained the employees who remained. As a result, burnout ran rampant throughout organizations, leading to some employees’ motivation atrophying and the eventual coining of the term […]

Advancing Well-Designed Benefits—Even in Times of Layoffs—Is the Right Choice

Jade and Cristina, like thousands of software engineers in their early 30s who dream of starting families, have worked long hours and built solid networks. Their careers are advancing nicely. Typical of tech employees in their generation, each chose to work for a company that supports work/life balance and offers attractive family-building benefits, and both […]

Impacts of Turnover on Remaining Staff

After a round of layoffs, remaining employees typically feel a range of emotions. On the one hand, they’re relieved to still have a job. Layoffs are stressful and can have life-altering impacts on workers and their families. On the other hand, no employee is really a winner in a layoff scenario. Remaining employees will likely […]

How Layoffs Impact the PERM Process: Employer Considerations

While businesses typically take extensive steps to avoid layoffs, they’re unfortunately part of the business life cycle. As the United States has had a recent uptick in layoffs across various industries, employers should be aware of the potential impact to their permanent residence (green card) immigration programs.  The PERM (or labor certification) application is one […]

Dropbox’s Layoffs Illustrate Shifting Skills Demands Among Employers

The growing importance of artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to fundamentally disrupt the labor market, but not necessarily or always in the way most casual observers might assume. While AI and other technologies always have the potential to displace human workers, in many (if not most) cases, the motivation is actually to complement human […]