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HR Query: Keeping it Professional—Strategies for Discussing Elections in the Workplace            

The election is in full swing with Trump vs Biden head-to-head. But what does this mean for workplaces? New data found that employees and leaders are on completely different pages when it comes to political conversations at work. Amidst polarized workforces, tension in trust, and urgency to speak up, employees are dissatisfied with how leaders are […]

HR Query: How AI is Revolutionizing Hiring for a Fairer Future

The quest for a truly diverse and inclusive workforce is a constant challenge in the ever-evolving hiring landscape. While some fear AI might exacerbate bias, innovative applications of this technology are actually paving the way for a more equitable future. In this week’s HR Query, Dr. Lindsey Zuloaga, Chief Data Scientist at HireVue – a […]

HR Query: Cracking the Skills Code

The hunt for talent is on, but are we focusing on the right things? In this week’s HR Query, Carina Cortez, Chief People Officer at Cornerstone, challenges traditional hiring methods and explores the rise of skills-based recruitment. Learn how HR leaders are shifting their focus from resumes to real-world abilities, crafting a new paradigm for building a high-performing and future-proof workforce. So, are you ready […]

HR Query: 4 Tips for Hiring Autistic Workers

Did you know that 35% of 18-year-olds with autism attend college, but 85% of college graduates with autism are under-employed or unemployed? Furthermore, more than 1 million people with autism in the U.S. will reach adulthood in the next decade. The number of candidates who are being overlooked by hiring processes designed with only the […]

HR Query: How to Manage PTO Effectively in 2024

According to a recent Forbes Advisor study, 40% of Americans plan to travel more in 2024, which means employees may request more time off from work than usual. This is a concern for many workplaces as time off requests and management can put a strain on an entire company. In this week’s HR Query, Tiffany […]

What Is NATO Applying? How The Dating Trend Is Coming to the Workplace

If you haven’t heard of NATO dating – which means people dating are “not attached to an outcome” but rather open to all connections – you may soon get wind of it in your workplace as NATO applying, according to CEO/founder of Rising Team and Stanford lecturer Jennifer Dulski. “With many employers breaking trust lately […]

HR Query: How Job Candidates Can Stand Out in a Competitive Hiring Market

In this week’s HR Query, Amanda Hahn, Chief Marketing Officer at HireVue, and Greg Lewis, Career Advisor at University of Phoenix, share key tips from the hiring experts at HireVue and career advisors at the University of Phoenix on ways to demonstrate confidence and taking control of the interview process. How to demonstrate confidence in […]

HR Query: Navigating Political Conversations in the Workplace

With five generations in the workplace, it’s no surprise if you have co-workers whose views differ from yours. Tension may not only build due to these conflicting views, but also the polarized nature of today’s politics. As a result, you might feel compelled to suppress your own beliefs to keep the peace or – on […]

HR Query: The Value of Recognition Equity

According to recent Achievers Workforce Institute (AWI) findings, more than eight in 10 HR leaders (84%) say diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a high priority for their organization. However, HR leaders are overlooking a key element of DEI – recognition equity. AWI’s new data found that recognition equity is a key driver of business […]

HR Query: Applying Unorthodox Methods to Recruit Gen Z

The future of work has much to do with Gen Z as the generation will comprise about 27 percent of the workforce by 2025.  Despite knowing the vital role this generation will play in the years to come, many HR leaders and organizations are unsure about how to recruit and retain Gen Z workers. So, […]