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HR Query: The Value of Offering Student Loan Repayment as a Benefit

Student loan borrowers are preparing to either resume payments or start making them for the first time since March 2020. Currently, federal student loan payments are scheduled to resume 60 days after June 30. That can change if the Supreme Court rules on President Joe Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan, in which case payments will […]

HR Query: Skills Gap or Waning Interest? Why Tech Leaders Can’t Find Talent (Part 2)

Welcome back to HR Query! In Part 2 of this two-part series on attracting and retaining top-talent with the technology sector, we dive deeper into how HR leaders and organizations can combat the difficulties of the tech talent shortage. If you missed Part 1 of our coverage, featuring John W. Mitchell, President and CEO of […]

HR Query: Skills Gap or Waning Interest? Why Tech Leaders Can’t Find Talent (Part I)

Although thousands of tech workers have been laid off in the last few months, tech leaders are having difficulty attracting top talent. According to a new LinkedIn survey, as a career, the tech sector isn’t as attractive as it once was. While unemployment is at its lowest level in decades, there are still more than […]

HR Query: The Great Equalizer – How Poker is a New Pathway to DEIB

Welcome to our first installment of HR Query! This column puts a spotlight on the latest trends and hot topics in HR, featuring timely insight from an expert, business leader, or changemaker in the world of HR. Enjoy! Playing poker is more than a form of entertainment – it’s a game of skills. Whether you’re […]