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Work Culture is Making Americans Sick in the Stomach 

As a gastroenterologist, I see all types of disorders of the gut. From diarrhea to vomiting and everything in between, my patients often suffer from symptoms and conditions that seem inescapable and never-ending because they are so physically exhausting.  Yet, remarkably few of these are caused by actual structural issues within the digestive system. Many […]

The Future in Field is Female: How to Cultivate Diversity in Field-Based Industries

The labor participation rate for women in the United States has steadily increased since the plummets we experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s perhaps because of that positive trend that this next statistic will sound so troubling: As recently as last year, women only made up around 31% of all employed persons in field service […]

HR Leaders Can Play a Crucial Role When Educating Employees About Women’s Heart Health

Education and prevention are critical when it comes to improving women’s heart health, and HR leaders like you can play a pivotal role in spreading awareness and empowering women to take charge of their cardiac health. Consider my story: I was in my mid-40s and was experiencing persistent fatigue. I would get exhausted just walking […]

Why Leaders Should be Creating a Culture of Genuine Employee Well-Being 

Human sustainability and employee well-being are consistently innovating board-level agenda items. However, despite leaders feeling positive about their efforts and initiatives, statistics indicate that workers are not so convinced.  According to Deloitte’s latest Well-being at Work survey, 74% of employees say improving their well-being is more important than career advancement. Human sustainability, therefore, is still […]

Businesses Must Lead on Eliminating Poverty and Health Disparities

My work as a DEI expert for institutions in the health ecosystem (think pharma, medical schools, hospital systems, etc.) has made one thing consistently clear: finding solutions to health disparities means addressing the issue of poverty. The two are inextricably intertwined, and businesses must lead out front. A recent study outlined poverty’s impact on mortality […]

Stop Thinking About Your Frontline Workers Like Second-Class Citizens

Recently, I had a conversation with an HR leader, and they lumped their workforce into two broad categories. There were knowledge workers — and everyone else. Categories and labels are useful for communication and a shared lexicon can make it easier to get things done. Except when they don’t. What can feel efficient, good enough, or […]

Our Veterans Need More Volunteers to Raise Service Dogs: Here’s How Businesses Can Help

Countless veterans fighting PTSD and adapting to life with disabilities are currently on waiting lists for a service dog who could change – and quite possibly save – their lives. The lack of volunteers willing and able to take a puppy everywhere with them for 18 months has stretched wait times up to two years. […]

Adapting and Advancing: Navigating the Ever-Changing Landscape of Mental Health

Daily life has gotten harder to navigate. From shifting expectations around how we work, to the pressures of family life, to an increasing number of traumatic incidents that touch too many lives, our collective wellbeing is struggling. And for too long, talking about our mental wellbeing in the workplace—where we spend hundreds of hours of […]

3 Considerations to Make Retirement Packages More Attractive

A few years ago, I was working with a company who offered a lucrative early retirement package. The CEO was shocked when only five of the 80 eligible employees signed up. Why wouldn’t more eligible employees sign up? Money, it turned out, wasn’t an effective motivator for employees who had “enough” money (whatever “enough” happened […]

The Presidential Election Could Have Major Consequences for U.S. Employees

With layers of political uncertainty ahead, the consequences of the 2024 presidential election could impact the U.S. workforce for years to come. From Vernā Meyers, Netflix’s former head of diversity,  predicting that the potential outcomes of this year’s presidential election could be direct and devastating for employees and their families to former president Donald Trump […]